Saturday, October 4, 2014

Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant -

At the beginning,  I was slightly confused between Shelter Italian Restaurant and Shelter Lounge – in fact they are two different places and both newly opened.  Shelter Italian inside Hysan place is actually a open rooftop space and in this sense fairly unique.   Usually similar concept restaurants and bars have a combination of an inside restaurant space with weather protection,  but then carries an additional fully opened terrace space.   Shelter Italian doesn’t actually have any closed off space,  it is a bold concept but as it’s name suggests it snugs in underneath a bridge connection inside Hysan Place and this acts literally like a ‘Shelter’,  and if the wind is strong enough you might still get rain blowing onto your Dinner plates.   Thanks for the Invitation by the Shelter Group,  which also operates Shelter in Macau and the new Cubic Club in City of Dreams,  Macau.    



This is the totally exposed to Weather section -
Behind me is the one that is slightly sheltered but still no door and windows whatsoever..



Shelter Afternoon Tea Set for 2 – $388
Served in a Golden Bird cage,  apparently this is one of the most popular Afternoon Tea Sets that has quickly spread word around Hong Kong.   Shows that Bling Bling and an interesting presentation always sells itself well especially amongst the females.  



Bruschetta with Roasted Peppers -

Some Macarons -



Salmon Finger Sandwiches -


Croissant with Truffle Paste and Egg -
This is always a never fail item,  but their croissant was surprisingly fresh.




Pistachio Cannolo –
I was really looking forward to this,  but when I bit in,  the raw pistachio (as opposed to toasted pistachio) taste and also the really salty savouriness,  possibly from both this and Ricotta Cheese,  really shocked me.   It also didn’t have much citrus zest flavours.  Needed a lot more sugar to be a dessert and very grassy.    *We reflected this to the Management already,  hope they will improve this item



Meeting was Finished -
Time to start on the Dinner with some white French Chardonnay..




Bread Basket with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar -
The Ciabatta was way better than expected,  I think it will go well for a Steak Sandwich with a Pesto sauce. 




Mesclun Salad with Asparagus, Celery,  Tomato,  Truffle Dressing and Shaved Truffles -
The Summer Truffles had an Earthy Aroma and was actually stronger than many places I have had it,  including some of the biggest names in town.   Kind of surprised.  - 7/10


Poached Boston Lobster,  Papaya, Mango,  Blueberry,  Strawberry and Lobster Sabayon -
This looked pretty.   It’s a bit summery with the fruits,  but somehow I expected more savoury and lobster sabayon flavour.  But aesthetically a pleasing dish.   ¬  7/10


Acquerello Risotto,  Rose Prawn,  Hokkaido Scallop,  Spinach,  Lemon Scent and Pantelleria Capers -
This was much more sophisticated than it seems,  inside were diced prawns and grilled whole prawns,  scallop,  and dried capers,  with a good crustacean taste than the risotto color reveals.   Was pleasantly surprised by this.   -  8.5/10



House-made Strozzapreti Pasta,  New Zealand Diamond Clams,  Artichokes -
The Dish of the Night for most of us.  The clams are pretty briny and salty,  some people thought this was too salty but I see a reason for this.   With the artichokes and nicely textured pastas,  this is the dish to come back for definitely.   -  8.5/10



Gadus Morhua Spanish line caught White Cod,  Mussel & Clam Broth Powder,  Asparagus -
This White Cod is surprisingly slightly salted cured first but they only used the internal parts.  I liked the concentrated taste of this and it also carries a slightly chewy texture,  which is 1 of 2 ways to represent a cod fish.   Ultimately however,  I think this was a little too simple and I liked the salads and pasta dishes above more.   - 6.9/10


Stuffed Veal Chop ‘Vitello’ with Mushrooms,  Spinach & Parmesan,  Wrapped in Pig’s Caul Fat,  Truffle Mashed Potatoes -
This looked good and the pork was cooked decently,  yet on top of the caul fat lubrication it needed more of the reduced jus to bring it to another level!  This was a good recipe but it needed more of the mushrooms,  spinach and parmesan taste.  - 6.9/10



Spaghetti Carbonara with Guanciale pork cheeks, Eggs,  Parmesan and Black Pepper -
The recipe was very close to a real Roman/Lazio version,  without cream and even mentioned Guanciale and Black Pepper in the same sentence – how can we not order this?   It turned out this was pretty well done for Hong Kong Context,  it even had enough Black Pepper which is one of the essentials of a true Carbonara.   The Parmesan cheese is more a compromise as it should in theory use more sheep’s milk Pecorino Romano cheese,  but in local context,  this was easily one of the best ones around.   -  8/10



Mojito Semifreddo,  Peppermint Jelly,  Jasmine Tea Sauce -
When I saw this arrived my eyes cringed at the green mint jellies,  they were so fluorescent in colour.  But the Mojito Semifreddo at it’s half frozen state tasted better than anticipated and has a graham cracker base,  with the tea sauce a nice addition.   I just wished the portion was bigger somehow.   -  7/10




Inside Hysan Place in Causeway Bay -
I really did not expect to see such a dining and bar space here.   The food is looked after by a Northern Italian Chef,  and this is evident down to his pretty accurate version of a Pasta Carbonara,  which correct versions in town can be counted with 1 hand.   Some dishes were more than decent,  the Afternoon Tea was surprisingly presentable.   My general observation is that Main Courses here are a bit too expensive to my liking,   I would suggest you to order the Entrees and Pasta courses as a first test. 





Price:  By Invitation to Shelter Italian Bar & Restaurant.  Approximately $190 per person Afternoon Tea,  $700 + 10% for Dinner per Person
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Ease of Access:  5/5  (Right above Causeway Bay MTR,  Hysan Place exit)
Address:  銅鑼灣軒尼詩道500號希慎廣場7樓718-719號舖
7th Floor,  Hysan Place,  Hennesy Road,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2778 8398


  1. This place is great for date night or get together. You will love it. Great spot to grab beers and eat quality food. Our waiter at San Francisco restaurants had awesome beer and food recommendations. Highlights of the meal included the oysters and seared scallops.

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