Sunday, December 7, 2014

Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay –Hong Kong

 Not long after Bread Street Kitchen opened a branch in HK,  I was checking out their Menu and recipes online.   I still remember when I made a comment on Facebook about how it seemed just a little generic boring coming from Gordon Ramsay’s fame,  especially compared to other Ramsay restaurants I ate at before.   Well I subsequently got a call from both Dining Concept’s PR and then one of the Bosses,  lecturing me on a lesson on how hard it is to run 40 plus restaurants in Hong Kong and how my facebook comment reverberated all the way back to London,  and someone wasn’t happy.   I know some foodies think DC restaurants are just leveraging off famous chef’s names,  but I don’t judge like that.  I judge the food and it’s final outcome.   In the Dining Concepts camp for example,  I love Bellbrooks,  and I liked Carnevino initially so much until a subsequent visit had inferior meat.   I used to like Bistecca Steakhouse until they started also using cheaper beef cuts so obviously and also took away their Josper Grill,  I just wish Dining Concepts won’t dodge on the question again when I raise it.   BLT Steak and Burger both have been misses for me somehow.   Tango is good for Argentinian steak.   Al Molo is not bad per se,  but all the foodies wished it was closer in performance to Marea in New York,  but the boss said on the phone how can I compare them both,  when the bill is three times the amount in NYC.   Fair enough but it ain’t exactly 3 times the amount but I will give that one to you as an initial gesture!   Let’s see how I come to like the HK Bread Street Kitchen and see if it really stacks up,  if I am even allowed to say without someone breathing down on my neck as a Customer yawn..  



Bread with Butter -
Very good bread with a nice sourdough aroma.   If you have been following me,  I have been so happy that Hong Kong is getting some really good bread nowadays!   I still remember the good bread I had at Le Winebeast Bistro this week too.   ~ 9/10



2012 Bridlewood Pinot Noir,  from Monterey County,  California -
Forgot the price but the Sommelier recommended this,  and it was a lovely choice.   Quite heavy bodied for a Pinot Noir,  and unlike many Californian wines this wasn’t too sweet.  

Short Ribs Burger with Spicy Sriracha Mayo and Monterey Jack Cheese -  $168
The bun could be toasted more.   The Burger patty was by HK standards quite decent,  although a little dry in the centre and could have even more beefiness!   This was a decent burger indeed but not exceptional.   ~ 7/10



Traditional Shepherds' Pie – Braised Lamb,  Potato Puree, Brioche Garlic Crumbs $208
This was amazing and easily the best version I have tried in Hong Kong,  it was full of minced lamb taste and the correct herbs input,  the potato mash had a great potato taste and beats the Robuchon’s in Macau and Hong Kong in this matter.   Topped with some crunchy flavourful Pan Granttato.    Worth a trip on its own…  ~  12/10




Banana Sticky Date Pudding with Muscovado Caramel and Clotted Cream – $88
Another amazingly executed dish.   I have hardly had great let alone good sticky date puddings in HK,  it’s usually like the Pastry Chefs are skimping back on the Vegetable Shortenings or the Suet fat and they are dry as…   Not here.  This was properly done and moist inside,  the caramel carried a hint of saltiness,  the clotted cream so British.   The other version I like is at Stockton’s,  this one here beats there by just a tad of a margin in terms of right texture.   ~ 10/10




Price:  HKD $360 per Person
Ease of Access:   4/5 
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 中環雲咸街33號蘭桂芳酒店M層
Lan Kwai Fong Hotel,  33 Wyndham Street,  Mezzanine level
Ph:  2230 1800

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  1. I would want to try their sticky pudding so badly :0



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