Friday, December 19, 2014

La Maison du Chocolat - Chocolate Training with Christmas & New Years French Chocolats

 A few people have joined a La Maison du Chocolat chocolate program class which will last over a few months,  with such a rare chance to learn about the production of chocolates and more behind the scenes of this artisanal French Chocolate brand,  we joined for an Afternoon Tea session at the Lee Garden branch of LMdC.   Started by a chocolatier Robert Linxe from French Basque country,   since 1996 he also recruited Nicolas Cloiseau, who later obtained the highest honor of becoming a (MOF) Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier 2007.    He sources ingredients from all over the world for insipiration -  it was interesting to learn that since La Maison du Chocolat opened in Hong Kong and Japan,  he often sources local Asian ingredients to also make special chocolate versions for the European market !



Metate -  An ancient Stone Tool for the ancient Aztecs in current day Mexico
It is used to grind Cacao beans and Corn.   The owner has cleverly designated this meaningful tool as the La Maison du Chocolat logo !   


The Chocolate Afternoon Tea -
Available at the Lee Garden branch of La Maison du Chocolat.  
We were taught through a Powerpoint Presentation and Videos,   the production of LMdC Chocolates.   Using only a blend of the top Criollo and Trinitario cacao beans.

Salvador – Ganache with Raspberry Pulp
Boheme – Plain Milk Chocolate Mousse
Traviata – Praline with Grilled and Caramelized Almonds
Some people preferred the Traviata for the crunchy texture.  I liked the Salvador for the fruitiness within,   each to their own !


Mini Salted Caramel & Dark Chocolate Eclairs -
Filled with chocolate ganache.   These are part of the new Afternoon Tea Set here.  
Other La Maison du Chocolat branches carry the larger version. 


New Xmas items:  Brut Champagne Macaron with Chocolate Ganache,
Rose Champagne Macaron with Venezuela Dark Chocolate Ganache -

Rose Champagne Macaron with Venezuela Dark Chocolate ganache,  coated in Cocoa Nibs -
The shells have a slightly chewy texture,  and I have always said their texture are textbook perfect in HK context.   The girls liked the Whiter version better which carried a stronger Champagne taste,  but I myself preferred this version because the more dark fruit yet slightly smoky Venezuela Chocolate attracted me more.


The New Seasonal Xmas Collection Chocolates -
This time we tried the Clementine Square which the citrus fruit is sourced from Corsica,  a remote Mediterranean island owned by France, with both imported candied orange and clementine rinds.  
The other Praline Masquerade is a favourite for today,  using a Scottish Yuletide Fruitcake as a concept,  and utilizing Almonds and Tunisian dates,  this was very lovable too.  


The Ganache inside a La Maison du Chocolat -
They are surprisingly either Plain,  Whipped for a more aerated texture,  of Pre-infused with flavours.    The Chocolate Coating is thin because it is poured over as per French technique,  whereas the Switzerland or Belgian or even Spanish version is usually formed in a mould.   *I definitely learn something new everyday. 


Champagne to Celebrate with,  after the Chocolates and Macarons Class Session!


2014 Christmas Macarons Box -  6 pieces for $190
Individually they are around $23 a piece usually.

Christmas Box 32 Pieces -  $700
All hand crafted.   Apparently the best enjoyment of their chocolates is between a room temperature of between 18C – 20C degrees !    They do make for a prestigious Christmas Gift definitely,  our family gets quite a few of them each year.  So this time,  it was good to learn more about their chocolates finally.




Price:  $23 – $700 Depending on what is ordered
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣希慎道33號利園1期B03A號鋪  (They also have various shops in HK.)
Shop B03A,  33 Hysan Road,  No. 1 Lee Garden,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2907 2002

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