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Popsy Room, Gallery of the Senses - Art Space with Fine Dining Food

  Located on Upper Lascar Street,  also known as 摩囉街 in Chinese,  this street in Sheung Wan is renowned for their Chinese Antique stores despite the slightly Indian naming reference.   A number of new food entrants have infiltrated this historical space and not without good reason.   Man Mo Cafe down the other end of the block does Chinese-French style Dim Sums,  almost intending to make a statement?!    Here at Popsy Room,  the owner was adamant at creating an Art Gallery spatial atmosphere -  where local Artists can shine and showcase their Art Exhibitions during every 2 months via rotation and this is paired with food courses which reflect the individual Art pieces,  hand crafted carefully by their Chef.   At $988 for 5 Courses and $1388 for 8 Courses per Tasting Degustation,  it is nearer Fine Dining prices.   But it will almost certainly impress your date with this Gallery slash Restaurant if you ask my opinion,  mostly because it is fun.   Thanks for an online friend for inviting me over the 2nd time around!  


Shirky Chan – The Artist on Exhibition this 2 months
She returns back from Australia,  Melbourne, my turf incidentally.  The Apple and Rose themed paintings explore the inner self of the artist herself,  or the Alter-ego within all of us.   It’s abstract and even darkish in feeling, though you can definitely understand the sub-conscious  element of truth in it.

Fried Quail Egg with Pistachio purée and Sweet & Sour Egg Salad -
As a Starter course..  The pistachio flavour over powered slightly but I liked the delicacy of this dish composition,  and only as an amuse bouche too.   ~ 8/10 


Can’t believe this was hand made by the Artist -
iPhone 7S better look a bit like this when it arrives... !   



Fresh Crab Meat with 6 Layered Crisp, Tomato Consommé Jelly, Trio Tomato Trifle on Fresh Salad - The Daughter of Woman
It had some Citrusy elements in the background in a suitable way,   and the tomato consomme jelly takes days to prepare but like the owner said,  many customers wouldn’t notice this small detail.   A pretty dish by composition,  if not a bit too creamily sauced.   I liked the crispy and buttery wafer the most.  ~ 7.5/10

Wild Mushrooms and Porcini Soup,  with Creamy Foam and a Crispy Crostino -
Made to pair with the below Cloudy Art presentation.  This was actually my favourite dish with its earthiness and concentration and also it’s proximity in concept to the art piece it was trying to represent.  Pretty viscous thick and potent in flavours too,  enhanced by some shiitake mushrooms.    ~  9/10


There's a "She" watching from inside the Eye of the Pupil -
I took it from this angle for fun,  if you saw what I posted on Instagram before. 



The Eye - Seared Lobster with Crustacean Foam and Orzo Pasta with Sundried Tomato Carbonara cream -
Liked this dish it's always a crowd pleaser recipe when executed well enough.  Looking really like the eye indeed.   Actually this was smart recipe in many ways,  the combination makes sense.   Note:  this is the lunch tasting portion.  ~ 8/10




Roasted Pork Belly with Curried Lentil Beans,  Vegetables,  and Pumpkin Puree -
The curried lentils is a traditional concept although needed slightly more gravy sauce.  The Pork Belly was cooked nicely and again a smaller portion than the normal Dinner portion.   From a foodie’s point of view,  in HK,  it is probably better to give More than Too Few.  The restaurant and chef might think they are being considerate in calculating how much the customers can eat…  But may be I should bring some female foodie blogger friends and then they might know how much more food they consume than me by multiple folds xD    ~ 7/10



Veal Medallion version -
With similar veggies.  It wasn’t mine but just to show you the other Meat options.


Wine Poached Berries with Pistachio Ice Cream and Milk Foam -
This was surprisingly nice because all the flavours sang out individually.   In HK,  too many places have fanciful recipes and menu writing but the individual components taste muted, not sure if anyone agrees with me.   Not in this dessert fortunately.   ~ 8/10



The Owner of Popsy Room pays attention to Smallest of the Details -
Here I am trying out both a Chocolate Mint Tea after the lunch and my neighbour’s Fruit tea.    For me personally,  this isn’t just a Restaurant per se,  it’s an Experience and with good causes and Vision.   It reminds me of HK’s Dialogue in the Dark,  which was also so meaningful and to me,  even educational and learned how clumsy it is to eat without lighting and getting sauces all over your hand.   Here it is more like an excursion and it definitely is unique in HK Context,  and there is a similar Chinese restaurant doing similar in Sai Wan Ho too with their Artistic and Pottery Classes.  People with Vision is what I admire the most..





Price:  $988 to $1388 + 10% Per Person  (Meal by Invitation by a Friend of this Restaurant)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: G/F, 30 Upper Lascar Row, Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong
Ph: +852 2234 6711

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