Monday, July 20, 2015

舒蔡記 - Fried Pork Buns, Vegetable Rice, Curry Beef Soup, Traditional Shanghainese

 This shop was recommended by a wine and sake teacher friend who is a regular up here in Shanghai,  and it happens to be up along the same street stretch as what we wanted to visit many shops afterwards.  My memories of Shanghai are fading such is the development up here.   The fried Vegetables Rice here with Salted Pork and Lard Oil was totally what I grew up having but nowadays most shops make them too healthy and without the right taste.   But not here and glad to rediscover that old taste again!   I miss here so much! 



P1420947_editedThe Old School shopfront -
Apparently many people care about a classy decoration.  But for a real foodie,  its only the food which I crave.  I mean I have been to many Michelin 2-3* places in Europe which requires a dress code too lol.  It’s only the food which matters these days



The Salted Pork & Vegetables Fried Rice -




Fried Veggies Rice with Salted Pork,  Mushrooms and Lard Oil -
This was amazing.   The pork flavour really penetrated the rice grains and the veggies were the fresher green rather than pre-cooked type.   Sad to see this is not available in Hong Kong nowadays…  That was the whole spirit of original Shanghainese 菜飯 in my memory.    ~ 10/10



The Pork Buns being fried -
They are fried on a slanted angle…   Just to get rid of the oil sliding down to the other side of the pan instead of having them buns absorb all the oil.  Smart!



Fried Pork Buns 清水 生煎包 -
These were fried upside-down with the pleat side down,  the way I prefer it too and it really depends on the shops.    The pork jus literally exploded in your face but the sauce was a little thin here as it doesn’t use Gelatin from chicken feet or pork,  just like Xiao Loong Bao has many styles and hence they promote the 清水生煎包 here with a clearer soup base.  Quite good indeed but the above Salted Pork Veggies rice kicked ass even more.  ~ 7.5/10



Curried Beef Soup with Coriander and Vermicelli Noodles -
Another staple food in Shanghai but as my foodie friend pointed out,  this recipe can’t be nominally Shanghainese by default…  Pork and Seafood are the predominate diet here in Shanghai,  and curry isn’t that local a concept.  Logical deduction using Occam’s Razor theory made us think this must be a Muslim-Islamic Halal concept coming from Lanzhou 蘭州 or elsewhere nearby with a Muslim culture,  which is also popular here in Shanghai overall..! 



The Menu -
In hingsight it was rather farking cheap!   Especially for the high food quality presented overall : )





Dinner Price:  RMB $20
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to  ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  黃浦區雲南中路142-146號
+86 21 6361 1917

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