Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Shanghai - Newly Opened near The Bund

 Our 1st night in Shanghai will be spent at Shanghai’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel,  which is only 1 year old and even the taxi drivers had to ask for the physical address as it was relatively new,  such is the pace of development up here in Shanghai.   I miss Shanghai so much myself! 



Over looking Pudong and The Bund -
Shanghai is kinda similar to Hong Kong,  I think the view really improves even more by night time.




The Bathroom -
We shared one room by both boys and since schedule was really packed as we need to hunt for food,  I didn’t think we really to get to use the bath.  If the stay was for 2 nights rather than less than 24 hours then we might finally find some time to relax.   I guess this looked neat enough.



Beds We were Really Happy About -
Apparently not everyone will care but the contrasting Colors of the two different pillows and the quilt cover appeals to me so much,  down to the Scent of the fragrance they use.   I mean if we pay for the expensive hotel stay,  we might as well maximize our enjoyment and get satisfaction from it in all senses.    Price per night here is around RMB 1700 – 1800 after all reverse calculating from HKD. 



Shanghainese Afternoon Tea Set -
Lovely looking.   I think they might consider putting a name tag next to each item -  I mean thinking from the Hotel’s perspective,  each of these items do carry a significant local Shanghainese nostalgic meaning.  It’s meaningful but most customers like us will need to learn about them..    



My New Leather Bag -
I meant the Sofa and the Fruits of course.  It really felt at home here and the hotel was close  to Shanghai IFC and the Oriental Pearl Tower. 



Audio and HDMI Cable,  iPhone/iPad -
These were unexpected but useful as a package.



Coffee Machine in-house -
This is convenient but as a true Coffee addict and ex-Barista allow me to say this was at least convenient.  Real coffee is really another world out there… 




Breakfast Pastries and Breads When Waking Up -
Done surprisingly World Standards here..  If you bake sometimes yourself, you will know this is definitely hardcore accurate stuff. 


Some Fresh Fruits -
I have to save quota for other things during my travel.  Woo woo..



Croissant with Scrambled Eggs and Bacon,  Jarlsberg Cheese, 
Hashbrown,  Tomatoes,  Baked Beans -

Chicken & Egg Shreds noodles -
With dried white shrimps. 



The Shanghainese Siumai -
Filled with Glutinous rice and other Mushrooms or Pork sometimes.  I love this but it is usually only eaten in Shanghai side.  Din Tai Fung globally also serves one but only in Shanghai will you get this lovely dumpling!



Shanghai Fried Pork Buns (Sheng Jian Bao) -
There are at least two types,  this one was too dry and under-crispened. 
We expected a bit more from here especially when other items all performed pretty well.  : (



Vanilla & Tropical Berries Gelati -
There were other choices but I only have 1 space,  these were going to be my favourite picks.  Pretty good but texture was less dextrose pliable than normal Gelato or Turkish ice cream,  but this is more healthier.   



Gelato Station for Breakfast -
This was so pretty in presentation and the Concept itself was convincing for only a breakfast buffet.  Loved my Stay here in Mandarin Oriental Shanghai and apart from this, we had 2 other meals here too.




Hotel Price:  RMB $1700 to $1800

111 Pudong Road (South), Pudong, Shanghai 200120, China
Ph:  +86 (21) 2082 9888

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