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Jade Dragon 譽瓏軒 - [ Macau ]

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 The Jade Dragon if memory serves me right,  already received the coveted Michelin 1 Star status just a little over after it’s 1st year of opening.   Although we were only coming for a quick lunch meet-up,  we were certainly quite impressed by the thoughtfulness and effort put into the restaurant’s overall set-up and attention to details in every component possible.   My own prediction is that this place will get elevated to 2 Star status end of 2015,  I mean it totally deserves it and to me,  helps to re-define Chinese and Cantonese Cuisine in the region.



Jade Dragon -
The same as Indian Naga Serpent and in Chinese mythology became a Dragon,  just like in Greek Mythology,  Germany,  Latin America, etc

Jade ware -
Looking impressive and thoughtful already. 
Reminds me of 2* Yan Toh Heen in Hong Kong somewhat.



Two Different Teas prepared & brewed Table-side and Always Well Looked After -
This is what I call service and I feel sorry for the server,  as I drink a lot when I eat.   Usually I am not too picky about service as long as the food is good,  but this I do appreciate so much with attention to the finest details here.



Amuse Bouche,  to borrow from the French Term -
This is Fried Turnip Cake with a Dried Prawn on the side,  also a molecular Corn Raviolo with Popping candy.  Interesting already for a Cantonese-Chinese restaurant..



Green Prawn Dumplings -
This seasonal version used Chives to colour the skin and it was bigger than initially thought.  Sometimes they change this to use Spinach to flavour the skin.   Topped with some Gold bling bling.  Definitely very neat and of utmost precision quality,  just look at those pleating skills.  Rarely do I praise a restaurant for their prawn dumplings but this was done so right yet innovative and attractive ~ 10/10



桂花蚌 Sea Cucumber Mussels with XO Sauce Spring Rolls -
This sounded better than it tasted,  as we could barely taste the fillings.   We were saying perhaps its because these spring rolls are too narrow in proportion naturally,  so you could only taste more of the fried pastry skin than the content within..  Interesting recipe anyway  ~ 7/10




Black Pepper Wagyu Pastry Puffs -
One can’t help but instantly compare this to the almost same formula at equally 1* Man Wah at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong.  (One of the many reviews for comparison: )   The version here has a pastry which is good but probably not as memorable although it was definitely done well.  One can taste the Wagyu beef somehow and its all balanced up.  ~ 8/10



Purple Rice Cheung Fan Skin,  with 3 Different Fillings -
Scallion & Wagyu Beef,  Grouper Fish,  Prawns.   This looked very appetising from an aesthetics and concepts viewpoint.  However truth be told for some reason we think we couldn’t detect much of the tastes within.  Not claiming that we have a super palette or the other way around,  but when you can’t taste much of the wagyu,  fish or prawns,  we were quite disappointed.   Nice concept that could be improved by better execution.   ~ 6.9/10




Whole Organic Honeycomb -
Wow!!  Just to make their Signature BBQ Charsiu Pork.

BBQ Iberico Charsiu Served on a 4,000 Year old New Zealand Kauru Wood plank -
Roasted with Lychee and Red Dates Wood.  The Thousands Year old NZ wood plank gave it a stronger tree aroma than the Charsiu received from the burning Lychee/Red Dates wood itself.   The marination also tasted like it had Osmanthus flower.  Overall this was excellent and one of the best Charsiu dishes I have eaten,  but is it perfect?   I think not yet.  The smokiness came more from the NZ serving plank than the actual smoking by the 2 woods itself,  and as thoughtful as it tried to be in all details,   the marination technique could be more sophisticated in layering.   I sound like Food Snob I know.  ~ 9/10  

Spanish Iberico Pork Loin nearer the Rump side -
A great cut indeed.  Very nearly perfect.

Oh,  Cornets of Roselle Flowers and Lime Sorbets as Pre-desserts -
Cute presentation in a Clay Tea Pot.  Thoughtful again…  as was the whole meal so far.



Mignardises  - Ginger Candy,  Peanuts Crunch,  Eggs Cake and Almond Roll
These were good and so Chinese-Cantonese traditional.   They might be borrowing from a French presentation technique but the spirit totally remains within the Cantonese camp and nostalgic.   You can notice the mini Canele mould used to make the Eggy cake too but taste was also Chinese.  ~ 9/10

Lychee and Red Dates Wood Brick Oven -
Very serious here about their food and presentation.
In my opinion,  this is just awaiting to be upgraded to Michelin 2* Quality sooner than later.  Very thoughtful down to every little detail.   The Wood stove and the Organic Honey Comb for the Barbeque Charsiu Pork remains within my mind to this date,  despite this meal being a while ago with a friend.



Price:  MOP $310 + 10 %
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 氹城連貫公路新濠天地新濠大道2樓
Ph:  +853 8868 2822



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