Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Holland Rubber Duck in Macau [ HarbourView Hotel, Macau ] - The Duck is 2m longer in Macau!

 An Inflatable Yellow Rubber Duck from Holland has currently arrived from Holland to Macau. It was previously here in Hong Kong in 2013 too, but little did I know that this was a newly rebuilt duck!  It has a slightly different shape and is about 2 meters longer.. It will be near the Science Museum and Fishermen's Wharf for the next month until 29th May 2016, there are also food market stalls on all Fridays to Sundays to celebrate the duck theme related food..!

Soy Braised Duck - Shanghainese style

Some Duck Candies -

Rubber Duck Afternoon Tea Set - at 澳門萊斯酒店 Rocks Hotel, Fishermen's Wharf, Macau
Looking rather cute indeed, with some Mocktails and Cocktails on the side.. 

Giving the Boat Crew a Kiss, for Helping to Set Me Up in Macau...
Apparently this was supposed to be its last Trip in the World,  but latest news says this will be in Xiamen China in the near future again for the next stage.

Ohayo Gozaimasu !  Let's think Positive in Life! And hope Everywhere else carries Peace...

Time to Retreat back into HarbourView 勵庭海景酒店 Hotel.  I have written about here before and this time we stayed for 3 Days -
It is based on a retro European-Prague theme here

French L'Occitane Bathroom Wares at HarbourView Hotel- 

Twin Bed Room - 
This hotel is relatively new and clean.  Already my 2nd time staying here and its located in Fishermen's Wharf,  right next to the Turbojet Macau Ferry Port.

Office Desk

USB and Power Plugs -
Beside the Bed.   This is so appreciated.  Think about it,  you need to charge your phone and type on your Laptop sitting on the bed.  If there is no power plug or USB Charger near your bed,  we have to reach the desk opposite. 

European Feel -
I paid around MOP $700 per night for the hotel,  but that is Weekday price obviously!  Macau does get crowded on the Weekend,  so expect to pay around double on Friday-Sunday.

Grilled Duck Breast -

Crispy Duck Confit -

Food and Duck Market Stalls - Fishermen's Wharf

Quack Desserts !

Grilled Boston Lobster - MOP 60 for Half
Pretty Garlicky !  

Add Some Duck,  and You have Duck & Waffles -
Oh wait,  this is a Yellow Rubber Duck Themed Park until 29th May 2016

Apparently,  someone said Ducks are Really Smart -
They have natural instincts and group together always,  something even humans are missing in their DNA.

Beautiful Flower Pots - These are Part of the Macau Charity Associations
To help out those in need!

Aiya - I am about to Hit a Pole tim ..

Address: 澳門勵庭海景酒店 Harbourview Hotel, Fishermen's Wharf,  Avenida Dr. Sun Yat-Sen 孫逸仙 大 馬路, Macau.

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