Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thai Western [Hong Kong] - Introducing Thai Style Tom Yum Gong Hotpot to Hong Kong, in Wong Tai Sin

 Thai Western opened recently near Wong Tai Sin Temple, a popular locals Destination and also for Tourists alike, and is just around 20 minutes drive from Sai Kung, also located nearby to the new Hong Kong Food Trucks selling local street food. Thai Western is operated by a group of Thai Chefs and run by an owner who used to run a similarly named restaurant in Kennedy Town, before relocating to this developing foodies area. They are currently the pioneer in Hong Kong in introducing a Thai style Hotpot, using either clear soup or a spicier Tom Yum Goong soup that is made in house with seafood and spices, herbs, etc.

Located in a Wong Tai Sin Neighborhood, 
Its around 7 to 8 mins walk from Wong Tai Sin MTR Exit A

Whisky Shelf - 
Owner Ben loves whiskies and wines, and has his own collection of rare to find Japanese whiskies.    He also sells them by the bottle, a tradition he started from his previous shop on HK Island side. 

Fried Cheese Balls - $58
The prawn mousse is hand grinded and they are bigger than we thought,  and there is a good prawny taste and chunky texture.  The molten cheese inside is using real cheese and not the artificial cheese pearls for the 'lava' effect,  something that is appreciable.  ~ 8/10

Tom Yum Goong Hotpot - $88 Soup
Hot Pot Platter with Seafood & Beef - $198 to $228

The Signature Hot Pot dish here.  The Tom Yum Soup is made in house by the Thai Chefs,  using a variety of spices and prawn heads, coconut milk, herbs, and seafood.  It is fragrant and addictive.  Thai style Hotpot is Chinese inspired and usually eaten with a clearer soup,  here they are doing the Spicier version.  An alternative to Sichuan Mala hotpot and probably even better...  Note:  This hotpot style is also popular in Singapore reently.  ~ 8.5/10 

Chicken (Half) - $88
The Chicken is slaughtered every morning.  Here Thai Western pride themselves on their chicken quality and it shows.  The skin is still springy and translucent,  the chicken meat has good meat taste and isn't tensed up from refrigeration.   

Dipping the Chicken into the Tom Yum Goong Hotpot - 
The half chicken is quite huge,  I recommend that it be shared between 3-4 people.

Thai Hainan Chicken Rice - $68
Again the chicken is great. This is slow poached daily in the morning,  and the meat is tender and the skin from the solution bathing is flavorful.  The rice is cooked with Pandan leaves, Chicken Rendered Oil, Turmeric Powder, etc and individually grainy.   The chili sauce also carries an acidic and exotic kick... with Soy Sauce imported from Singapore.  Overall a very good Hainanese Chicken dish and we loved it over two visits.  ~ 9/10

Mango Sticky Rice  khao neeo mamuang - $58
The rice portion is bigger than envisaged.  Its steamed perfectly and not mushy,  with a good trace of pandan leaves fragrance.  The coconut sauce also has a leafy presence.  The presentation is not the best looking in the business but overall this was very satisfactory,  and the mangoes were just ripe this time.  ~ 7.5/10

Fresh Coconut Juice - $45
This is imported from Thailand.  Nowadays Thai coconuts are in supply shortage and quality varies,  apparently some of the coconuts tried here were really sweetish,  some were more normal..   Overall Thai Western is attractive because of their Tong Yum Goong soup Hot Pot,  which is one of its kind in Hong Kong as far as I know but already very popular overseas especially in Singapore!

Price: HKD $225 to $280 Per Person
Food: ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 黃大仙環鳳街19號地舖 G/F, 19 Wan Fung Street, Wong Tai Sin
Ph: +852 28170929

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