Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Phoenix (新鳳凰麵包店) – ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

The 2 shops belonging to New Phoenix Cake and Bread Shop lie just 100m from one another, and this review is on the 2nd newer outlet, right next to Exit C of Quarry Bay MRT Station.  The main store can be found here:  New Phoenix 新鳳凰麵包店 (Main Store).  Both sells slightly different items.  The outlet here is slightly more modernised, but relative to the Year 2010 it still carries quite a few memorable items which are fast disappearing off the scene!   The brand has operated for over 40 years in this suburb, and some of their signature items are traditional Ancient Styled Biscuits, Sponge Cakes, HK style Napolean cakes, Coconut filled bread, as well as their famous overnight-infused Egg Tart Custard and pastry.

However, it is their Chicken Pie in their newer store, which I highly recommend to be tried to be believed…!

Fresh hot items are released every hour.
Fresh Egg Tarts and Chicken Pie are still being baked up until around 6pm.

Chicken Pie -
This Chicken pie and its golden pastry is so good and crumbly, also full of butteriness, I can ascertain you it won’t lose out to the best of the pies from around anywhere in the world  ~  9.5/10

The filling deviates slightly from the HK Norm, where chicken pies are normally filled with a creamy mix of ham and chicken filling, with too much flour as filler.  In this shop’s version, its mostly of Chicken and its gravy, Sweetish onion and a right amount of seasoning.   Although different, this puts the equally well known Wanchai Kam Fung’s version into oblivion.   (My Previous Review @:  金鳳茶餐廳)

Other Traditional Cakes are also available…

Price: $3.00 per person
Score:  ★★★★★☆
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun - 05:00am - 21:00pm

Address: 北角七姊妹道206號地下
(G/F, 206 Tsat Tsz Mui Road, North Point.  *Despite the address, its actually on No. 1 Model’s Lane, right next to Quarry Bay MTR Station, C Exit)
Ph: 9833 8758


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