Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Cafe - ♕♕♕♕

 Home Cafe might not have any wi-fi service which you’d come to expect, but apparently their owner chef has trained in Italy with Lavazza to perfect his Naples style Espresso coffee (not to be confused with Neapolitan coffee, also from the same region but different), before enrolling into a culinary institute to study and become a chef.  I was quite keen to try out both his food and coffee, and the menu looks promising indeed!


Egg Benedict -
Never seen this word used in a singular format before, but for afternoon set you get 1 portion of an Egg and Ham on muffin.  The Hollandaise sauce tasted natural with an acidic tang, but the greenish colour and consistency, as reflected in the photo truthfully (it’s starting to split, yet remains thick artificially) can have an improvement. Taste wise, the ham was good. The egg was poached slightly too hard as the egg white has almost hardened  ~ 6.9/10

Trucillio Espresso, from Naples -
Done well here.  Slightly longer shot than what Italians normally regard as a Southern style espresso, but it tasted good in that old fashion way.  A rare Italian style coffee done right locally ~ 8/10

I swear I have seen this lamp somewhere before !
Its cute, and I want one..



Price: Afternoon Tea $48 Per Person
Score: ★★★★☆☆
Address: 銅鑼灣加路連山道11號地舖
G/F, 11 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay
Ph: 2881 5598


  1. You're working your new squeeze to the max! LOVING the pictures.
    This post is an eye candy! Well done!

  2. Hi, think you saw the lamp at my place. I bought it at Homeless.


  3. Dear Mocha Rita ~ if I really think they were good I will be blushing now :P but somehow, I can still see flaws in them ! Let me try fine tuning the settings a bit more :D

    Hi Jodi ~ That's it !! I knew I've seen it somewhere and was dazzled by them :D It was certainly at your house the other night ! Sorry my memory is failing me. But it's a really good choice. They look like a series of metal trinkets attached to the light body.

  4. Very nice looking place! Glad to see Euro expats bringing their craft to Hong Kong and opening these quaint type of cafe's. I miss having espresso and caps across Italy.



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