Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boulangerie Saveurs de Pains - (Paris)

   Parisian French bread, pastries and whatever comes out from the ovens are honestly quite hard to beat in terms of execution on an international level,  quite frankly speaking.  There does not seem to be much innovations or queer interpretations of traditional recipes which tries too hard to fix what is not already broken over here.   The strongest point about such places lie strictly in how everything is pre-calculated and made according to exact specifications,  often to an accuracy to an unprecedented millimeter in thickness or temperature centigrade in order to consistently head the top of the game and remain utmost competitive.   Perfectionists come in many forms,  some stay put yet continually improve the original recipes and presentation until they become finally satisfied with the flawless performance,  such as experienced during this breakfast session. 

I personally prefer shops which tries to at least translate traditional French pastry recipes pretty spot on into a common language more understood amongst international foodies,  before they go about reinventing the wheel…  Get it right first,  before improvising!


Boulangerie Saveurs de Pains -
A chain with 4-5 outlets,  and something never heard of and only visited because I was doing some bank work in the vicinity.


House Made Pastries and Tarts -
Looks a little rough,  but no one will know until they taste the final product!


Croissant -
There are croissants and there are CROISSANTS.  This flaky but not overly bready croissant version was full of buttery taste and in fact even better than the one I had at Paris’s Laduree store.   ~  9/10



Flan -
An eggy custard tart, with some very obvious egg yolk presence it’s almost like a French version of a Spanish Tocino de Cielo.  This was absolutely stunning with the perfect combination between egginess, vanilla,  flaky pastry as well as a pretty looking brulee top.   A flan can’t be seriously this good on theory,  but this is the reality.  It was drop dead gorgeous. ~  10/10



A few more Sweet tooth options to Try, Upon the next visit. 
The Flan and the Croissant were on the top of the world quality.  But how will the rest of their selections fare, relative to the rest of the world which is fast catching up??  But right at this moment,  Paris pastries seem to be without peers.  Until next time and trying out other items !



Price: Euro 8 per person
Food: ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 2 Rue Verrerie, 75004,   4ème arrondissement,  Paris

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