Monday, September 12, 2011

Supper Inn 宵夜店 - (Melbourne)

  It’s been a few hectic weeks for the family and on occasions, dinner ran into supper time territory.   The parents needed supper but most restaurants were preparing for clean up,  and for me I was quite hesitant to bring them to  Supper Inn,  a Chinese joint off a side street of China Town and carries an institutional status for who knows what reason.  It is a pretty run down upstairs dining space that hasn’t changed for I guess 30 years or so.    The food turned out pretty decent in the end,  we were pleasantly surprised.   Actually Chinese food in Melbourne is not bad at all,  especially on the execution side – whereas one will really struggle to find a good Japanese resto in town compared to Sydney or Hong Kong.


An Institution -
Usually implies that it is out of fashion and boring lol. 


This space is just sooooo China Town like -
Most of the best Chinese restaurants aren’t found along this street,
which seems to be deteriorating gradually over the years.


Wok Fried Beef Hor Fun Noodles – (乾炒牛河)
This had a bit of good wok chi.  The beef was surprisingly not overly tenderised artificially.  The hor fun noodles were done ok,  but just a little stacked together on very few strands and needed more flavouring.  Edible quality and better than many shops out there  ~  6.5/10


Sliced Fish Congee (魚片粥) -
The fish was actually pretty fresh,  which was a surprise.  It’s also sea fish and not the usually freshwater fish.   The Cantonese style congee had a good boiled riced viscous texture,  and just a hint of ginger and not much detectable MSG.  Pretty decent for Melbourne’s standards ~  8/10


Pig’s Blood in Congee (豬紅粥) -
Congealed pig’s blood were surprisingly not ‘fishy’, or you’ll know what I mean if you’ve had unfresh pig’s blood curds.  The ones here were sweetish and is the ultimate pairing with the plain congee base.  The Cantonese boudin noir ~   ~  8/10


Price: AUD $10 - 20 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sun -     5.30pm-2.30am

Address: 15 Celestial Ave, Melbourne, Australia 3000
Phone: (03) 9663 4759

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