Monday, September 5, 2011

Olmecs Restaurant Café – (Melbourne)

 Monday Night special deals can be found at a lot of corner restaurants and pubs in town here,  especially Parma Nights (Chicken Parmigiana)  down at the local pub.   Walking past on our way to another predestined venue,  we were instead attracted by a prominent signage advertising their Monday and Friday’s only special  $14.50 Angus Steak deal,  which offers a 250Gm Angus Porterhouse Steak served with Fries or Mash  and a sauce of your choice.   The online feedback of Olmecs is pretty average and this is a place I’ve never visited,  but the steaks and the side dishes turned out to be enjoyable,  even when disregarding the discounted price.    Definitely Bang For Your Buck material !



Café Setting -
We received top notch and friendly service on this day from the young lady in the picture,
but others seem to have experienced the opposite.  So look out for this girl if you need anything and do give her a tip if you liked it !


Apart from Steak Nights,
they also have Pasta and Paella Nights.  Sounds like a bargain to me !


Fried Zucchini Flower – AUD $4.50
This was pretty decently priced for two flowers,  which were stuffed with ricotta and herbs.  It was fried very well actually, but had a bit too much thyme for my likng.   Can’t find much zucchini flowers in Hong Kong so I order this whenever I see it.    ~   8/10


Angus Porterhouse with Mushroom Sauce and Mashed Potato -  $14.50
We shall talk about steak quality later,  but what surprised me was the mushroom sauce...  One could get a mushroom sauce at almost any shop which serves up a steak,  but this mushroom sauce was really earthy and carried a bit of wine flavour as well.    I think we were a bit surprised by how good this was.   Mash itself was nothing to write home about in comparison.   ~  7.5/10


Angus Porterhouse with Red Wine Jus and Fries -  AUD $14.50
The Angus steak seemed bigger than 250g,  and was cooked well enough (but I suspect on a griddle instead of flame or charcoal grilled/broiled).    Another persons’ steak was slightly more tender than mine but they were both acceptable level for what is just a bar grade steak.   The Red Wine Jus, similar to the mushroom sauce above,  was really very good.   There was an equal amount of herbs,  meat gravy and reduced wine balance in there somewhere.    I have had Red Wine Jus and Mushroom Sauce at Grand Hyatt’s Steakhouse twice already and both of the sauces here puts them into oblivion in correctness and complexity.  The steak meanwhile was edible and no complaints at this price.  Even the chips were served very hot!   ~   7.5/10


P1180551-1French Beans with Romesco Sauce and Flaked Almonds -  $7
Topped with a Spanish Romesco sauce made of mostly peppers, garlic and nuts,  this actually worked well together in its flavours. 

It isn’t out of this world on a culinary level,
but the appetisers,  steak and sides were decent,
and sauces were done very well compared to other similar quality shops.



Price: AUD $40-50 per person,  before wine
Food:  ♕♕♕♕
Opening Hours -
Everyday   7:30am to Late

Address: Address:  410 Bridge Rd, Richmond, 3121, Melbourne, Australia.
Ph: (03) 9428 5995

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