Thursday, November 3, 2011

Café Ish - (Sydney, Australia)

  Café Ish used to be one of my favourite cafes in Sydney.  The owners Josh and Ai are an Australian and Japanese-Niigata born couple,  and when combined together their business baby is not unexpectedly based on a Japanese influenced Australian food concept.    Fellow Sydney based blogger  is like me a very big fan of the since relocated café from 2 streets away,  but it pains me to say -   WHEN I REFERRED a fellow Hong Kong blogger to come visit this café out of good will,  they were treated with disdain and it’s certainly not pleasant to have the owner whisper out and call them dumb cxxts behind the kitchen bench.   This is totally disrespectful and unacceptable,  and if you think this is the way to go and treat the customers  then at least have the freaking guts to totally waive and rip off the bill before sending them off just because you can’t seem to understand that wrong coffee orders were given.    My blogging friends might not be too proficient in spoken English as yet due to being alien with foreign environments living abroad  and might stay a bit shy,   but they’ve certainly been dining on an international level for quite a while.     Why charge them the money and decide to abuse them anyway,  ever heard of the term and be taught the meaning behind ‘hospitality’?     Well your food is great sometimes but FUCK YOU TOO JOSH YOU WANKER…    I didn’t refer my friends to come all the way to your café to get abused,   however much I do enjoy some but not necessarily all of your food.    Everyone has bad mood sometimes,  it is not reserved exclusively to you at all.



New location, 
slope is not as steep ..




Daily and weekend Specials Board,

I’ve previously tried a lot of food from Here -
Including their crocodile dishes,  which are interesting.  Also curries and Wagyu burgers.
The source producers of some of the bacons/cured meat seems to have changed slightly…


Kara-Age Soft Shell Crab Omelette -  AUD $24
With avocado, shallots, garlic, chilli, soy & ginger dressing is definitely one of the must orders here.  It comes with a lime wedge,  which really spikes the dish up and gives it almost a Thai-Japanese flavour!   The soft shell crabs are fried well but when wrapped in the omelette becomes membrane-y as expected,  but the flavour and the sauce is nice indeed!    The omelette was slightly too crackly on appearance,  but there is no doubt Josh is a good cook despite being a wanker when he wants to be ….   ~   7.5/10



Cappuccino  (Numero Uno blend with Organic Milk) –
This came pretty hot,  but if 3 beans rated Le Monde and Mecca did the same thing,  I’m inclined to believe that Sydney milk coffees are done this way to suit the clientele.   This coffee is as usual sensually balanced in a subtle way and made with a killer of a sweet organic and bio-dynamic milk.  I deliberately ordered this as per normal with chocolate powder added as this is personally how this ‘blend’ works best in this café.  The foam was rather too thin however, for a wet Cappuccino Chiaro style.   Seems like Sydney cappuccino has thinner foam than Melbourne ~  7.9/10



Breakfast Trifle -  AUD $9.0
with Yoghurt, native Berry Compote, house made Muesli with Rosella, Nashi & Coconut

Another one of my past favourite items,  this today came with slightly too much muesli which were a bit hard to chew.  The berry compote is still very good but a little sour compared to the past, and those largish strawberries became mid-sized ones nowadays..    The yoghurt is quite tangy and sour,  so it definitely needed more sugary hit to balance it up despite the presence of sweetish dried nashi pear.    I distinctly remembered this to be much better in the past ~    6.5/10



If you like to be abused and enjoy an episode of Masochism,
do come by all means…
If you like decent and exploratory food, sometimes involving exotic ingredients like Emu Crocodile or Soft Shell Crabs or Arabiki sausages with cheese,  you’ll find your groove here.  But if you ever become abused again,  walk out of the door right there and right now,   don’t even bother paying that fucking bill..     No one ever goes to a restaurant or café to deserve such appallable treatment.  This is just NOT ON.




Price: AUD $40 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Coffee : ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon – Wed   7:00am - 04:00pm
Thu – Fri       7:00am - 10:00pm (dinner from 3pm)
Sat               9:00am - 10:00pm (dinner from 3pm)
Sun              9:00am - 2:30pm only

Address:  82 Campbell Street  Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010
Ph: (02)9281 1688


  1. Wow. I am sorry to hear your friends were treated so badly. Service is so important to a restaurant nowadays as lots of places serve great food.

  2. i remembered being treated as a subclass customer when i was in nobu crown. just because i was a student and the rest are hedge fund managers.

  3. Nobu Crown screams suits & ties. GAHHHH. Not cool.

  4. Not many people know this as I didn't mention it in the above, but I've also copped bad treatment from this place before but decided to just swallow it and pretend nothing has happened.

    If you want the money so desperately, EARN it properly and respect the customers. Even if you disagree, don't accept their payment but go on to abuse them anyway. That kind of bullying is just not on !

    For some Hong Kong Bloggers posting about Sydney food (and to be written in Chinese), it is helping to promote Sydney and Australia as a travel destination... if someone single handedly made them fear to dine out again and explore places, they're just embarrassing the whole friggin country with their 'it is fine to be cocky and be a prick yet continue to charge the customers' attitude.

  5. Hmmm
    Perhaps if your friends had mentioned something on the day, which they didnt. Instead they went on a twitter rant calling my staff rascists
    No that's definitely not something dumb cunts would do is it???
    The wanker owner chef of cafe Ish

  6. They were still pretty new to Sydney and didn't even want to argue with the AGGRESSIVE staff on the spot, which part of the equation did u not understand?

    So this wanker of a chef decides to be a smart alec and murmur out like a coward behind his defensive wall, abusive and derogatory terms to his customers - who is acting like a spoilt brat here?




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