Tuesday, November 29, 2011

328 Katong Laska - (Singapore)

  I think it took me some time to warm up to the famous 328 Katong Laksa,  as for some reason may be I held too high a hope,  and instantly reacted in a way that I needed to become acclimatized to the hastily put together presentation of the famous ‘broken noodles’ laksa.   Or naturally I thought the broth will be more orange in colour than pale white!   Yet as I spooned in mouthful after mouthful of this Singaporean style Laksa bowl I began to realise that this really is done very well indeed.  The look of the noodles might not be overly attractive,  but it’s the taste which really matters in the end and it is definitely fragrant and attractive.




Corner Store -
With their Otah grill on 1 side…
Something that is a must order when eating Laksa.

Otah (Otak-Otak) -
The slightly sweet spiced fish cake is wrapped and grilled inside a banana leaf,  and today’s version is made from Mackerel fish.  This was decent but a little flat in taste ~  6/10




Katong Laksa with Prawns and Clams -  SGD $5.0
Katong Laksa is a Singaporean specialty version of a laksa, which borrows from the Peranankan Style Malaysian-Chinese Laksa but a little thinner in viscosity,  and comes with already cut-up rice noodles!  As such, this broken noodles bowl is readily eaten with only a spoon for convenience.   The 328 Katong Laksa is definitely special as despite the pale colour of the broth it has been infused with pre-fried dried shrimps together with Sambal paste,  coconut milk and also evaporated milk.   It is quite a prawny broth and reminds me of Prawn Mee.   This also comes with proper Clams and chopped up Laksa Leaves,  both of which someone takes for granted but hardly found elsewhere and which gives it that distinctively refreshing lemony and minty fragrance.   A lot of shops in Singapore just give out Dried Coriander instead of Laksa leaves as I discovered,  which is a little disappointing.  But not here, where the distinctive Laksa leave aroma can be really tasted through the soup   ~     8.5/10



Chili Paste -
The Laksa here isn’t that hot by default,  the lady owner deliberately made it this way to be just balanced according to her.   You can however still fine-tune that final bit of the formula yourself according to your own wish.   This Sambal chili paste can be added liberally and is quite powerful and hot.  Adjust the taste to your own intents as you wish…! 




Their other expanded Outlet down the road -
A little bit cleaner there, but not as busy as the original store…
Wonder if the quality can be maintained across the board

Price: SGD $5 to $7 per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun -  8.30am to 9pm

Address:  No. 216, East Coast Rd, Katong, 455210 Singapore
Ph: 9732 8163


  1. look so yummy! thanks for the detailed review and food photos

  2. Not a problem ! Still a learning foodie myself : )

  3. This is one of the best laksa I ever had

  4. Great. Now this is a grim reminder. I missed this when I was in Singapore last year, and the short run this year. A bit out of the way. But I will definitely try this at least once.

  5. This is not perfect but will definitely be missed : P



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