Friday, November 11, 2011

A Picollino Reale ‘A La Folie’ - (Melbourne)

This shop’s name is confusing initially,  because that’s the French name but it also has an English name “The Little Royal:  website”,  found inside the Royal Arcade.  Their house specialty are their house made ‘A La Folie Macarons’ made by French lady Mercede.    In Melbourne so far only 3 Macarons shops have served decent quality macarons,  the best easily being La Belle Miette.   A La Folie’s macarons come a close 2nd and definitely has shadows of Parisian standards.   CACAO The Chocolatier’s macarons also have really good taste too but the texture seems a little too crunchy!  


French lady who also makes the Macarons -
At this little kiosk which also sells Genovese coffee


Macaron Displays #1 -

Macaron Displays #2 -


Jasmine -  AUD 2.90
This had a good jasmine flower flavour.   The shell is crisp on outside and chewy on the inside,
but eating it at home later, the shattering shell character improved to become even better!



Matcha & Redcurrant,  Salted Caramel,  Strawberry -
The Matcha one again had green tea flavour which is important and the redcurrant wasn’t overpowering.   The Salted Caramel was good because the caramel was ‘darkened’ enough first which is crucial for taste and it definitely had salt!   Strawberry interestingly had 海虎戰紋 stripes



Pistachio -
They use high quality Iranian pistachios for this,  the raw not roasty type,  and this was well balanced and had a decent Pistachio taste.  If you like the more roasty type go buy it at CACAO !


Macaron Quality and Flavours -
Overall were well balanced.    It is bad enough to eat compromised macaron shells especially knowing that Paris definitely makes them just a tad better -   but recently I’ve eaten enough macarons which only ever tasted of almond meal and sugar.   But  A Picollino Reale  and their  ‘A La Folie’  macarons delivered the goods and easily became one of the Top 3 macarons shops locally within just months of opening…  being a French girl and trained in France definitely makes a huge contribution!




Price: AUD $40 - $45  per person
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun:   10am to 4pm

Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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