Sunday, November 6, 2011

Single Origin Roasters - (Sydney)

  Single Origin Roasters used to be a boutique artisanal coffee roaster,  and even though the wholesale arm has expanded over the years,  the main café itself remains small scale.   Their coffee with a variety of blends can be found throughout Australia such as at Sonoma Bakery, the lovely GRIND in Cronulla,  Four Ate Five around the corner or the Andrew McConnell restaurants in Melbourne such as Cumulus Inc. and Golden Fields, etc.  It even has a presence in Hong Kong (at Forest Bird in SOHO, though the baristas there are a little below average).   It’s always good to revisit an old friend as I’ve had fond memories of coming here..



A Coffee Roaster, which also owns its small scale Café in near Surry Hills -
It is very popular in Sydney.


Single Origin – Ice Dripped, Nicaraguan Pacamara ‘Limoncillo’
Friend ordered this on a hot day and I tried a little,  it is actually quite educational for me because it was quite honeyed like with barely any citrus note if any.  What surprised me was the very slight bitter note hidden within.   As one of my favourite coffee beans,  I guess the method of making the coffee really makes a huge difference !     ~  6/10


Single Origin – Espresso, Nicaraguan Pacamara ‘Limoncillo’
Just to test out my theory,  we ordered the exact same single origin bean but extracted as an espresso instead.  This time,  the true Limoncillo character came out and it was definitely of quite a lemony rind taste.   Also drank at  Ora Café albeit with slight spelling differences,  this version is slightly less denser and more straight forward.     ~  8/10


Cappuccino of ‘House Blend’ -
When this arrived I knew from the latte art pattern that this is under-foamed, as the white pattern strands are too thin for a cap!   Yet it seems like every Sydney café does the same.  Le Monde Café had a similar trait, also Café Ish.   This house blend is made of 4 beans and is quite a chocolaty (after scooping away the chocolate powder, despite ordering it as chocolate-less) and everyday drinking milk-based coffee blend.   It is quite approachable and has that chocolate, dark berries and date undertone with just a hint of dirt.  ~  7.5/10

The Café Bar shop next door,  also by Single Origins -
Does more Siphoning or Hand Dripped coffees for various single origins,  but closes earlier at around 2:30pm and there is no sitting!   This is an expansion of their tinier shop which only does espresso based drinks.

Nice Hand!  With a take-away coffee at Single Origins.



Price: AUD $7-8 per person
Coffee : ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri -   6.30am – 4:30pm
Kitchen open -  7:00am – 2:00pm
Sat & Sun -  Closed

Address:  60-64 Reservoir Street  Surry Hills NSW 2010, 澳洲
(02)9211 0665

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