Monday, November 5, 2012

Laduree - (Zurich, Switzerland)

  A lot of people think that Laduree of Parisian fame is sensationalized and touristy,  and often not really worthy of the praise bestowed upon it.   Well, within 2012,   I have visited different stores of Paris’s Ladurees 3 separate times,  a side visit to 1 of London’s Laduree outlets and also to the Switzerland’s sole Zurich Laduree store altogether counting up to 5 times – not including the imported Laduree souvenirs from friends and the other few visits over the recent years to this Mecca.  The clearer picture is becoming to emerge…    Laduree in Paris is just superb,  but only limited to it’s macarons.   The London ones were worse.  The Switzerland ones meanwhile still can beat down most of the 10 or more Patisserie shops I visited in France this year in 2012 alone with ease.   I honestly think Laduree is onto a secret formula and despite some other shops in Paris having similar shells and probably better fillings in a few of them,  the whole global chain of Laduree are really onto something with the consistency of their Parisian Macaron Gerbet sandwiches.   Pity that their other pastries aren’t also up to the same standards,  but the Ispahan Macaron also bested the Pierre Herme version.   Talk about a two trick pony.  



Zurich is a beautiful place in Switzerland -
But it is quite expensive.

Upon Chance -
I found the only Zurich store of Laduree just via sheer luck. 
The staff explained how the Macarons were once made in Monaco,
but recently they are now made locally in Zurich since 6 months ago.   Good to be so honest!

2 of the 5 Parisian Macarons bought today  – Basil Lime,  Rose Petal Cream
The macaron shells were spot on with a correct ratio of fillings inside the gerbets.  The uniformity of the range was astonishing but just slightly amiss Paris shops’ standard.  *These are now made locally in Switzerland,  but used to be imported from Monaco. They were better than the London batch I tried actually…     9/10

Salted Caramel,  Green Apple, Orange & Ginger -
The Green Apple was sourly refreshing. The Orange & Ginger is slightly perfumed like spicy,  but the French are famous for these perfumes.  Even El Celler de Can Roca serves similar desserts if one thinks about it.   It is acceptable in Europe in general.


Price:   SHF 2.40 Each,  similar to Paris enough
Ease of Access:  4/5  (Hard to see but found just off Bahnhofstrasse)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Opening Hours -
Doesn’t open on Sunday.  Beware.

Address: Kuttelgasse 17 8001, Zürich, Switzerland
Ph: 044 211 88 84

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  1. Yay :) so glad you did a post about Laduree ~ I have been so perplexed about it! SIGHHH They're popping up everywhere lol they just opened up in Sydney this year, Singapore later on, then Hong Kong and Melbourne next year!

    I bought some last week when I went to Sydney and even though the filling was DELICIOUS, I didn't really like the shells, they were really inconsistent some where too soft while others were too chewy.

    Do you think it's because they are franchised and they are pre-made and then flown in from Zurich? That's why the textures different? ~

    Either way, I'm going to Paris in January YAY gotta try it out for myself then!



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