Monday, November 12, 2012

PaneVino, Tai Hang - (Hong Kong)

 The original PaneVino in the mid-levels is actually quite popular for people living in that reclusive suburb,  but for others,  it is located in an isolated corner which makes it difficult to access especially during a rushed lunch.   Their new outlet in Tai Hang has some promising and very traditional Italian food on the menu.   *Excuse the photos from my iPhone.

New Menu at Tai Hang -

The Bread’s Terrible…  So was the Olive Oil
But they give you some hard cheese as well.   ~  4/10

Pancetta di Maiale Croccante – $32
Fried pork belly as a starter was very oily, without any batter coating we expected.  2ndly this was just so tough.  Skin wasn’t crispy either.  ~  2/10


Roasted Bone Marrows with Grilled Focaccia -  $68
This was not bad,  but the top whilst browned well,  the middle was a little rare to my liking.
I hope they are not feeding me BSE marrows.   ~  7/10


Lasagna Emiliana – $118
No Bechamel sauce.  Not much Cheese either. 
At least they remembered to add alloro bay leaves to the meat ragu.  ~  3/10

Chicken and Porcini Risotto – $98
The bottom was seeping out liquid…  I secretly craved for a wavy all'onda risotto,  but not one which is swimming like Chiu Chow congee…   Surprisingly the rice grains were undercooked to the point it was chalky.  May be whoever cooked this needed to re-learn the mantecato finishing process.  And it had too much dry chicken meat compared to rice.  Flavour however was pretty decent to be fair.   ~  5/10

Prices were quite Reasonable -
It’s a new opening and I don’t know how much experience the chefs have from the original PaneVino,  but right now,  I think I will give it a skip until it’s really ready.  It seems like the original shop is better for now.




Price:   $150 – $200
Ease of Access:  3/5  (Tin Hau MTR Station,  next to Papabubble Candy store)
Food:  ♕♕♕ (New Openings but the Lasagne was terrible in recipe regardless..)

Opening Hours -

Address: 36-40 Tung Lo Wan Rd, Tin Hau, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Ph: 2881-5525

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