Friday, September 10, 2010

Sashay (Cafe & Wine Bar) = ♕♕♕

Sashay Cafe & Wine Bar shares resemblance to my recent Le Moment Cafe review, as both of the shop owners are into both Coffee and Wine, which is kind of like myself…   The biggest difference between them is that whilst one disallows customers to take photos and entraps the customer in the process, Sashay here not only encourages you to take more photos, they will give you a 12% DISCOUNT for snapping away freely inside!

A professional Coffee Counter

Their Drinks Menu

A bit of Art Nouveau feel..

A French Pressed Brazilian bean –
Opus 1 Exotic from Daterra, known for its low Caffeine concentration.  This was Naturally rather than dark Roastily aromatic, smooth and well balanced, with nuances of sweet dates and a dry dirt like finish.  Recommended to be drank after only a short steeping time to enjoy its Clarity.  Like most dripped or pressed coffee I like them more after they’ve cooled substantially to around 65C to bring out its best overall flavours and just a touch of fruitiness -

Sashay makes their Espresso based drinks using daily rotated, Single Origin beans, rather than using a Blend of different beans.  I am not 100% sure I agree with this approach and AFAIK, no one else does this locally except on rare occasions when the bean suits this Espresso extraction method…   This Egyptian Sidamo bean was said to be quite acidic by the barista on duty and not really for everyone, but for me it wasn’t.  I think it was slightly extracted at too high a temp and it was way Earthier than expected.  Milk could have been stretched more velvety Smooth rather than lumped, and the majority of single origins really don’t work overly well with Milk drinks by itself, such as this one  -

A serious set up,
with Multiple coffee bean dispensers for each Coffee Region…

A real Coffee Plant! 
They do take it pretty seriously, don’t they?

They even have a Geisha Malawi, a priced bean for drinking here ~
My next target..

Barista Name: Chris
Coffee Brand: Sashay’s Daily Single Origins,  roasted locally
Recommended Coffee:  French Press of Single Origins

Price: $75 per person (12% Discount if You Carry a Camera to Take Photos)
Score: ★★
*Sashay carries a vast range of Single Origin coffee beans.  This shop has the potential to become much more 1 day, particularly if they could improve their Espresso Machine made drinks ~ like improving their milk texturing skills and stop trying to kill off any fruitiness/acidity in the beans by using too high a water temperature.   Milk already has a natural ability to cancel out the low pH acidity of the Base Espresso…  if Customers don’t like the Acid within, tell them coffee beans were once cherries.

(Shop C, G/F, Ming Hing House, 52-56 Staunton Street, Central)
Ph: 2272 4303
Previous Review: -

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