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Korean Jeju Hanwoo Beef [Hong Kong] - Online Retailer & Distributor, or available at Arirang Korean Restaurant

 Hanwoo or Hanu Beef from Korea used to be hardly exported to the outside world due to high local demands, but thanks to exclusive Importers and connections, we can now land ourselves allocations of this rare beef - usually considered a cross between a local Korean DNA bovine and a Northern Chinese or British DNA cow. For this Hanwoo Beef Event, we were introduced to sampling the Jeju Island Hanwoo beef imported by . Jeju Island is also famous for farming & producing the best beef in Korea, especially the Jeju Black breed which rivals the best of pure Island Wagyu's in Japan.

Raspberry Jinro to Start the Night -
I didn't try this but it smelled red fruity..

Banchan by Arirang Korean Restaurant - 

Some Muk Jelly with Gim Laver as Starter -
Nicely refreshing the palate 1st..  Before all the Jeju Hanwoo Beef dishes arrive

육회 Hanwoo Top Round Yukhoe Tartare with Julienned Pear and Egg Yolk - 
This was quite beefy, and this round cut is well known for being leaner with more gamey flavor.  A good choice for making this raw Korean dish.

모둠수육 Hanwoo Beef Inside Skirt and Beef Shank Modum Suyug -Interesting to start with two different non-prime cuts of Hanwoo beef. This flat iron stew is usually cooked with innards, but this used beef  meat instead on Special. The shank was thinly sliced and had a good beefiness taste.

A Side Salad to eat with the Grilled Items beneath - 

Neobiani 너비아니 Grilled Beef
of 4 Jeju Island Hanwoo Beef Cuts - 

Short Rib Galbi, Rib Eye, Chuck Marble and Top Round.  I personally prefer the Rib Eye and Chuck Marble, former for flavor and the marbled cuts for their crunchy fat. The Top Round obviously had the strongest gamey taste due to the butcher cut.

They sell them here as Neobiani, rather than Bulgogi here -
Since this is more thickly sliced and prestigious, served in past Imperial Cuisine

갈낙탕 GahlNahk Tahng - Octopus and Hanwoo Spare Ribs Stew in Sweet Soy Sauce 
This was thick with the gelatinous sauce,  and worked well with the white rice provided.

갈비탕 Gahlbi Tahng - Hanwoo Short Ribs Soup 
A fairly traditional dish to finish a meal.  By this time I was so full and this had a good beefiness taste.  Overall the Hanwoo beef despite being highly marbled, do offer more chew and also beef flavors than say most full blood wagyu.  Basically each to their own..

Some Desserts to Finish -
The Red Bean Fried Mandoo was pleasing and not too chewy thick nor cloying.  You can eat these Special Jeju Hanwoo Beef dishes by reserving at Arirang Restaurant on Phone: +852 25063298 , for around $900 per person for above menu.  Alternatively,  the Beef is also available from  

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