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T’ang Court 唐閣 - (Hong Kong)

Michelin 1 Stars

 T’ang Court is the flagship Chinese restaurant within the Langham Hotel Group and carries the most traditional Chinese-Cantonese dishes.   Ming Court and Yat Tung Heen also fall under the same umbrella of family and are also simultaneously 2 Starred and 1 Starred -  there seems to be scope for some internal rivalry to be happening within here !!   Don’t forget Palm Court HK inside this hotel,  which has similar DNA to the world famous Langham Hotel afternoon tea in London.    This meal was by invitation to Tang Court as the founder and ex-Executive Chef Kwong is back to take charge again of the Cantonese kitchen after being a consultant for the rapidly expanding Langham Group.    


XO Sauce here is very good -
It is not only about Conpoy, but has Hams and Diced Seafood.

Chili Paste,  Hot Green Chilies and Vegetarian XO Sauce -
The latter is a novelty and quite addictive.

Freshly Shucked USA Blue Point Oysters fried with Port Wine Sauce  砵酒焗美國蠔 – $260
The major point is that these are shucked just before frying,  as most other shops resort to those buckets of briny-solution soaked oysters.
  Not here!  My photo surprisingly doesn’t reflect how huge these were,  I actually needed to use a knife to cut them up into multiple bites.   Don’t know much about camera lenses and optics but they were humongous even after frying!  ~  9/10


Stewed Crab Claw with Winter Melon, Black Truffle and Tofu  黑露凝脂鮮蟹拑 – $200
And crab corals and gelatined jelly strips.   This is a Gold Award winning dish.   Actually speaking with friends afterwards we all had different experience.  Mine crab claw tasted strong but was a little dense,  and I wished the crab corals bit tasted stronger. But overall this was very classy and used real diced truffles, not fake truffle paste.  ~  7/10

Fried Lobsters in Spring, Red and Shallot Onions 三蔥爆龍蝦 – $690 x 2 Servings
This is using local lobsters 青龍蝦 at around 15 Taels, which is nearly a Catty in weight.  Apparently this mid-sized lobster has the best texture and here it was done pretty decent.   I think during the 走油 process some pieces were slightly overcooked.  But taste was fine.    7/10


Crispy Salted Chicken  富貴鹽香雞 – $390
This is such a Classic salt baked chicken dish,  and it’s finished off by pouring very hot oil over the skin to crispen up the skin, obviously using fresh chicken with springy skin too.   It was kind of oily and half the chicken pieces were great but half of them seemed a little too cooked tough and not all skins were crispy, or were they even meant to be anyway?   Actually at their sister restaurant 逸東軒 Yat Tung Heen,  they served me one of the best versions in Hong Kong.   ~ 6/10

Turnip wrapped in Bamboo Fungus Rolls & Mustard Green in Fish Broth 魚湯翠綠白玉竹笙 – $210
Keyword is Fish broth, which was sweet and as I say again and again, for some reason many restaurants even the Michelin starred kitchens get this so wrong.   I still remember vividly a similar fish soup base I ate at Shang Palace (香宮),  which has now returned back to 2 Stars status and other foodie friends thought highly of their recent meal there but I missed out due to a clash of event.  Here the Bamboo Fungus was done very well but the soup probably comes 2nd best to there.   ~   6.9/10

Baked Seafood Rice in Cream Sauce  唐閣寶盒飯 – $100
The specially made dish can also be found as silver colored in sister 2 Stars restaurant Ming Court (明閣) in Langham Hotel Mongkok.   I thought this dish was the best dish for me tonight,  the rice was fried with egg first and although the recipe is kind of fusioned old school,  it was one of the best versions I’ve had around town.  Just in a hotel setting.   ~  8/10

Jasmine Tea is infused with Osmanthus Flower -
Liked this combination as an after-dinner drink, before dessert. 

Fruit Platter -
Surprisingly we jumped straight to fruit,  we might as well from the last gratinated creamy dish.  The mango was ok I like them sour,  although the watermelon was a little dry.   




Langham Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui -
I love the Lemongrass smell here.   I think T’ang Court is classy,  but truth be told I think it’s good rather than really really gourmet tasty.   I still remember once I arrived here with a Japanese Chef friend and he thought the experience was a bit average compared to even Cantonese food in Japan,  especially in the dim sum department.  Nothing really jumped out but I believe there is so much potential to be explored yet!   Slowly building up to it’s previous 2 Star Status!




Price:   $600 Estimated
Ease of Access:  4/5  (Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station)
Food:  ♕♕♕ 1/2  (Meal was by Invitation this round out!)

Opening Hours -
Mon to Sun 12:00pm - 15:00pm,  18:00pm - 23:00pm
Address:  尖沙咀北京道8號香港朗廷酒店1樓
1/F, The Langham Hong Kong, 8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: 2132 7898

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