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老記麵家 Lou Kei - (Macau)

 The wonton noodles in Macau seem to be slightly different from Hong Kong and Canton’s versions.  They’re not as curly and are also slightly thicker in strands,  also less elastic in texture though remaining bitey.   It reminds me of Capelli d'angelo pasta.   This shop in Macau is quite well known for it’s bamboo stick beatened noodles and congees.   They have other outlets which are more expensive than the original shop but serves worst food – therefore it’s absolutely worth the taxi ride all the way to eat here at the original shop in a remote town of Macau. 



The Noodle Making Room -
Noodle cakes are beaten by the noodle master who rides on a bamboo stick to beat on the dough.



Inside -
It’s been renovated.



Seasonal Items written in Chinese -
Ask for the English Menu if required !



So Far The Best Macau ‘Watery’ Mangroves Crab Congee 生劏水蟹粥 – MOP 57
Having tried quite a few Crab Congees using the Mangroves crab when it swells up by absorbing more water before it moults,  I have to say the one here easily beats the competition with its depth of sweetness and no traces of MSG.   The rice congee consistency is also viscous but not artificially thickened up and with just a tad of crab roe to make it 3 dimensional.  Yum!    ~  10/10



Prawn Roes on Hand Made Noodles, 
with Wonton and Soup -  Around $50 for the combo
This looked amazing when it arrived.  I would love to fabricate a story and sensationalize to you how this was PERFECT but it was not quite there as yet.    The shrimp roes were tasty and not too overly toasty or fishy,  unlike some other shops that sprinkle on top aplenty of shrimp roes but taste like nothing much.  Tick 1!   Wontons were very good,  no complaints about them.  The noodles weren’t bad and cooked al dente,  but needed more sauce and lard oil to lubricate as they stuck together like Playboy pages :D   The only downfall but at least it carried a real noodles taste.   ~  7/10


Beautiful looking Wonton with a long Swallow Tail -
With both Pork and Prawn mince,  this was so traditionally Canton recipe,  something u won’t actually find in the famous Mak’s Noodles in Hong Kong  (those made using Flounder Floss & Prawns only,  citing reasons of pork and prawns taking diff times to cook properly).    The soup here however was not up to the best in HK’s standards and missing dried flounders or halibut taste. 




Chili Sauce -
Chiuchow style,  vs Canton style which is more like a red paste.   Each to their own. 
Very rarely do shops give both chili sauces,  such as at HK’s Ball Kee 波記.


This Noodles Shop is so interesting -
The design is meant to evoke memories of a traditional Cantonese noodles shop,  it’s all a little too theatrical.   It doesn’t receive much reviews or visits by foodies except for Macanese locals either,  I suspect because it is found in the middle of nowhere like the Nevada desert.   Not surprisingly it finally got a mention in the Michelin Guide,  as any taxi driver will tell you this is one of the best noodle & congee places on this rather remote side of town,  which ironically,  is well known for their Watery Mangroves Crabs congees but no one bothers to come and eat because we all don’t want to be the guinea pigs ! 




Price:   MOP 95
Ease of Access:  1/5  (I take Taxis to this area for Eating.  I am sure there are Buses but even if I can read Chinese I can’t navigate to here confidently,  and this is hidden on a side street!)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -  18:00pm to 05:00am night only

Address: 澳門筷子基和樂大馬路12號H座
Block H, 12 Av. da Concordia, Fai Chi Kei
Ph:  (853) 2856 9494

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