Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hoka Hoka Sake Dinner for 2 Persons, from $880

 We noticed that Hoka Hoka Causeway Bay was doing a Set Dinner for two with Sake Pairing included.   The 9 Course dinner starts from $880 for two people inclusive,  including 300ml of sake.  For $980 you can get the full 720ml Sake Bottle with all the below food courses, and most dishes are served as 2 separate portions individually without sharing,  which is very generous.    Note:  These special prices must be reserved in advance.   The walk-in prices will be $1180 to $1280 respectively.



This Month’s Special Sake Pairing Menu – Starting from $880 for 2 people
Aka Mebaru Fish Dinner Set and Sake Marriage Course.




Sakes and Shochus -




蓬萊泉 和 Houraisen Junmai Gingo,
from Aichi Prefecture,  Japan -
The whole 720ml Bottle is included if you pre-book the $980 Dinner Set for 2 people.



Otoshi of Beancurd Strips -



Hiyashi Cold Japanese Tomato Salad - 冷やしトマト
A nice starter in the Summer,  with a sour vinegar dressing and already peeled.  ~  7/10 


Aka Mebaru Sashimi 2 Ways - 赤メバル
This is 2 people’s portion, and you receive the whole fish!!   We had 2 plates as we dined as 4 persons,  and one plate of this tasted slightly more fattier than the other.   I usually like thin cuts of this Aka Mebaru fish,  but this particular one performed with the thicker cuts.   Chef recommends very little soy or wasabi,  but mix it with the Sake above.  ~  7.5/10



Thicker Cut of the Aka Mebaru -




Soy & Ginger Stewed Abalones - トコブシの生姜煮付け
I was surprised because this is only 1 person’s portion,  which means each person gets 2 abalones!!  It paired really well with the Sake above,  bringing out the pear fruitiness in the rice wine and cancelling the bitterness.   ~  9/10



Japanese Asari Clams in Sake soup - あさりの酒蒸し
Using the more expensive imported Asari,  this was for 2 persons but a large serving size.   It has a lot of sweetness from the clams and the sake,  although personally I prefer even more sake and clams flavour.   Can’t complain at this price.   ~  7/10


Home-made Pumpkin Croquette - 自家製かぼちゃコロッケ
This was quite loose but really sweet.   One of our favorite courses and it has some minced meat inside.  ~  8/10



Salt-grilled Ayu fish -  鮎の塩焼き
This is a must do around this time of the year.  Here it was grilled a bit too salty to my liking,  but the meat remained moist inside and sweet.   Again you get 1 fish for each person.   No need to share even at this price.  Amazing… !   ~  7/10

蓼酢 – Tadesu
For the above Ayu fish to dip into,  its based on the same plant diet that the fish eats itself on a daily basis,  which lends it the slight melon flavour.



Grilled Beef and Kimchi,  and Japanese Nagasu Chicken with Miso - 
長洲鶏の味噌串焼き,  牛肉のキムチ串焼き
I think the caramelization today was a bit weak,  which means it was more boiled like.  However the chicken meat was tender but I prefer them wth skin-on for flavour.   Like the combination of beef and kimchi,  but again,  think the crust could be better darkened.   ~  6/10



Avocado Tempura - アボカド天麩羅
Interesting to see this and it was fun to eat,  also working well with the Sake.  It brought out a real sweetness.   Topped with chili strands.   ~  8/10


Yamaimo and Tuna Maguro-zuke Don -  山芋とマグロの漬け丼
The tuna was just marinated but not overly so,  it’s a good finish with the slimey grated yamaimo  ~ 8/10

Bill for 4,  with 2 x 720ml Sake Bottles included -
$2,244 for 4 people and most dishes above were individual portions too. 
Really good bargain and this Dinner Course changes every month with a different theme.   Really Bang for Your Buck if you ask me.   Only $565 a person if my maths is right with enough sake to make you dizzy. 




Price:  $980 for 2 Persons including Sake  (remember to pre-booked the table!)
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣駱克道491-499號京都廣場9樓
9th Floor Kyoto Plaza,  491-499 Lockhart Road,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2892 8899

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