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Shang Palace 香宮 - Taiwanese Promotion from 18th to 21st June

Michelin 2 Stars

 Shang Palace is a Michelin 2* restaurant in Hong Kong,  and I believe their Paris branch is also a Michelin 1* recipient and well received.   During the June 18th to 21st period – they are also doing a cross over with their Taiwan Shangri-la restaurant on the Hong Kong side.



Shang Palace -
One of my favourite Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.  They are older style yet creative,   I personally prefer the A La Carte dinner dishes here over the Yum Cha dim sums,  but which the latter are also one of the best in town.


Chef Lau 劉冠麟 -
From Taiwan’s Tainan.  He approaches food in a very scholarly fashion,  is an avid wine lover, and knows about global food trends.   He is almost like a food historian to me,  tracing back dish recipes to many years ago.   




白雪烏魚子,  嘉義鹹水鵝, 五味鮮九孔鮑魚,  安平鮮蝦卷,  北投紅糟肉 -
Bottarga fish Roes,  Marinated Goose,  Ice-bathed Abalone,  Beancurd sheet fried Prawn mince,  Red Pork Belly.   Some traditional Taiwanese dishes especially from Southern Taiwan.   Nice appetizers to start with and everything were handled with delicate sauces and texture.   ~  7.5/10


古早味雞仔豬肚鱉 - 
A Turtle is stuffed inside a French Spring chicken,  which is then cooked inside a Pig stomach.  This is such a sophisticated soup and had just the right amount of medicinal and herbs input,  also gelatinous coating.   This was said to be adjusted for Summer deliberately,  whereas Winter will be a deeper and more ‘hotter’ version.   ~  10/10

豆醬蒸野生石班 – Fermented Pineapple and Beans Paste,  on Steamed Garoupa & Tofu
This was a lovely Summery fish dish,  with a slight acidity and sweetness,  also umami all at once.   The fermented pineapple beans paste is a traditional product in Tainan side,  as preserving the un-sold pineapples means they don’t go to waste.   It must be preserved for roughly 1 year.   ~  8.5/10




鍋燒塔香三杯雞 – Three Cup Chicken with Thickened Soy Sauce,  Thai Basil,  Wine
The recipe here requires a slow-grilling of the chicken with a variety of sauces,  wines and ginger and garlic,  it is then claypot oven bake finished before adding the aromatic basils.   This version here was really sophisticated and full of chicken and other flavours.   Amazing stuff.     9/10


紅蟳蒸米糕 – Small Mud Crab with Squid and Sticky Rice
This is a popular dish in both Fujian and Southern China,  I used to eat it a lot there,  but in fact this is also a popular dish in Hong Kong.   This is topped with a Vine Leaf today.   I thought the rice cake was cooked well but could absorb in more crab essence,  especially when compared to some of the local HK offerings.   Still enjoyable.     6.5/10



紅燒牛肉麵 – Red Braised Beef Shin and Beef Cheek Noodles
The soup base was more elegant than outright powerful,  but it had a lot of herbs and spices within and tastes medicinal in a sophisticated way,  it’s almost Malaysian Bak Kut The like but milder..   It is definitely one of those Hotel versions which Taiwan can also be famous for.   The 2 beef parts were cooked really really tender and flavorful.    Don’t expect it to be robust and in your face,  this version is more about soup layering.    ~  8/10


Noodles were cooked spot-on -
Rare to find,  everywhere else overcooks them.  Not here.



台灣小玉瓜, 巨峄提子, 璉霧, 愛文芒果,  菠蘿 -
Taiwanese Red Kyoho Grapes,  Pineapple,  Mango,  Yellow Watermelon and Wax apples to finish. 



杏仁露蛋白,  油條, 台中鳳梨酥,  芒果冰淇淋 -
Chinese cruller doughnuts are dipped into the Almond Egg white milk,  like a breakfast dish.  It’s almost like a Churros!   With Mango sorbet and Pineapple Cake.   Interesting combination.   ~  8/10



Cool Dessert Sandals from upstairs Deli Kool -
A nice surprise for us to finish!    This Taiwanese Promotion meal is only for 4 days but it is definitely very well thought out and I wished it can last longer,  so more foodies can enjoy it.   I am lucky that I was able to participate during this lunch at the 2* Shang Palace!





Price:  Meal was by Invitation by Shangri-la Hotel and Shang Palace as a Promotion
Food:  ♕♕♕♕

Address: 尖沙咀麼地道64號九龍香格里拉大酒店地下1層
64 Mody Road,  Basement B1,  Kowlong Shangri-la Hotel, 
Ph: 2733 8754

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