Thursday, June 5, 2014

Butchers Club Burgers, Wanchai

 Wanchai is being spoiled with new Burger places these days!   With offerings from CaliBurger,  Burger King,  Ted’s Lookout,  Beef & Liberty and also now here at Butchers Club Burger – the stakes are high and you never know who will come out as the ultimate winner!   Tonight I was here to find out.   *Note:  These meals were self-paid by ourselves,  so hope it will be a fair review.



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Double Happiness -  $160
Double Dry-Aged Australian beef patties,  with double cheese,  and 2 Grilled Cheese sandwiches holding it all.   This was so evil like in recipe but it was definitely crazy.   We could only finish half each.    It's a bit greasy so I actually prefer the On-Menu item a bit more..   ~  7.5/10




Dry-Aged Australian Beef Burger – $100
It is served with a slightly spicy mayo sauce and cheese,  in a really good Damper bun,  which is slightly Aussie in feel.   The beef patty was flavorful and cooked properly pink,   I actually think this was more oily than the patty at Beef & Liberty  -  of which I prefer,  but some others might not?   Really lovely burger definitely and the bacon slices were more thicker than the norm  ~  8/10


Another look -
And Duck Fat Fries are only $20 here.
The fries flavour was good,  I think it can be more crispier on some potato strands.  EDIT:  On a 2nd Visit,  this was better but could still do with more Duck Fat flavours..  ~  7/10


Cooked well,  and Dry-Aged beef has flavour,  texture was also not too overly minced.
Hong Kong is finally experiencing some International standard burgers!




Price:   $120 + Beers
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  灣仔蘭杜街2號麗都大廈10號地舖
Rialto Building,  2 Landale Street,  Wanchai,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2528 2083



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