Monday, June 9, 2014

Sunkist Tasting Menu, at Lily & Bloom

 Sunkist Hong Kong recently did a Cocktail dinner pairing at Lily & Bloom and upon re-confirmation,  this will be lasting until August 2014.   I love this type of cross-over concept,  and the cocktails and food were prepared really well as a central theme.   The only blip tonight was that some dishes took a bit long to come out between courses.  After working for a long day,  with the dim lighting and slightly slowish pace,  I was naturally becoming sleepy by the minute  but I did remembered the good cocktails and food dishes.   Except for the rawish foie gras.   



It’s Summer -
Sunkist Oranges and Lemons grew up with the Hong Kong locals.  It is actually quite nostalgic with us although these days,  their image has taken a back-drop for sure.   Marketing is always important I always believed! 

Orange Juice -
My favourite drink alongside a cold Watermelon juice.   I also love it with carrots infused.   OJ is for any time for me!



Tonight’s Sunkist Cocktail Master -
His drinks were sensational and well balanced.  Using a lot of liqueurs not usually available,  including European and Central American offerings,  as well as self-made versions.   It is definitely one of the most sophisticated if not fussy cocktail guys I have met recently.   I used to make cocktails myself but one really has to be totally concentrated to make a good one.  I think I was a bit tired after working at many projects…  It really shows.



Zombie Punch -
Blend of 3 Aged & overproof rums,  Freshly squeezed Grapefruit and Lime juices,  Passionfruit,  Evil spices,  Fresh Grenadine,  Absinthe & Clove Bitters.   This carried a sophisticated formula for a cocktail but it worked well as a Summery drink which was also so SUNKIST in this theme.   ~  9/10


Hamachi fish with Lemon and Orange juice curing juice,  Avocado and Tortilla Chips – $105
Topped with some micro purple shiso leaves and garlic confit.   This was a lovely starter and worked well with the above cocktail.   The Hamachi fish for this season was still surprisingly oily too.   ~  8/10

Scorpion -
London dry gin,  Spiced rum,  Calvados,  freshly squeezed Lemon & Orange juices,  Small Hand Foods Orgeat Syrup,  Demerara syrup,  Plum Bitters.   Another rather long winding description but again a lovely combination.   I even made one for myself on the night under the Cocktail instructor’s guidance!    ~  8.5/10



Nui Nui -
Aged Tequila,  Mezcal,  Dry Curacao,  freshly squeezed Lemon,  Orange & Lime juices,  7 spice syrup,  vanilla extract,  cinnamon & allspice bitters.     It is interesting how they managed to make a few cocktails all based on the citrusy products by Sunkist,  but with totally different characters.  ~  8/10


Spiny Lobster and Crab Croquettes -
With Saffron Alioli,  Smoky pepper sauce and frisee salad.   This was cooked nicely enough and the crab croquettes were pairing well enough with the citrusy sauce and cocktails.  My lobster body was also good but could be cooked less dense but it was ok enough.   ~  7.5/10



Crab Croquette -




Seared Pork Belly – with Grapefruit Mojo sauce,  Acho BBQ,  Arugula
And topped with piece of fried pork skin.   ~  7.5/10



House Smoked Spiced Duck Breast with Seared Foie Gras,  Cherry gastrique, Parsnip puree and Hazelnuts,  with an Orangey sauce  -
The duck breast was well seared and spiced,  lovely and pink.  The Foie gras part was well seared on the surface but a bit raw inside for most people.  Luckily mine piece was within limits and I enjoyed the duck foie gras too.   ~  7/10



Duck Foie Gras looking well seared with Crisscross Patterns -
But a few pieces became a bit too rare.    Mine was thankfully ok.



Dry-Aged Wagyu Striploin,  Sunkist Orange Hollandaise sauce,  Celery Root & Preserved Lemon puree,  Hazelnuts -
This wagyu cooking and flavour was exemplary.   I suspect even the side condiments and sauces were also great but by the time this dish arrived,  it was nearly 4-5 hours later.   I was getting too sleepy to remember most things,  except that strong wagyu flavour.  It might be a good sign as at least I remember it in my head.   ~  8/10

Sunkist Fruit Crepas -
Spiced Mascarpone filling,  Almond Crumble,  Fig,  Grapefruit,  Salted Caramel ice-cream.   The original menu description does not fully transcribe the sophisticated final recipe here.   I think this was a really thoughtful dessert and that salted-caramel ice cream nearly rivals the one from Blue Butcher and La Maison du Chocolat.   




Personally I love citrus fruits especially when its Summery -
I also love grapefruit and berries too.   This Event was really well organized and I enjoyed most of the drinks and menu offerings which were so thoughtful.  Although it did almost dragged on for almost 4 hours and we were all becoming a bit sleepy.   If this was compressed into a 2 hour meal,  I think it would have been highly impressive indeed! 


Price:  Meal by Invitation by Sunkist Hong Kong and Lily & Bloom
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 中環蘭桂坊雲咸街33號LKF Tower 5樓
33 Lan Kwai Fong Tower,  5th Floor,  Wyndham Street,  Central
Ph:  2810 6166  

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