Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fofo by El Willy, Hong Kong

 If having a Michelin Guide recommendation isn’t enough endorsement of the Spanish food here,   the fact that Fofo in Shanghai is also one of the most successful Spanish restaurants there must give customers a sign of confidence.    This time we tried out some newer dishes and I liked them more than some other dishes I tried here before.



Pan con Tomate -
Good rub of tomato and garlic,  but honestly I think the ones in Spain or Europe in general do taste better,  I keep thinking it’s the tomato difference?



Upstairs Drinking Space of Fofo by El Willy -
A surprise for me as I have eaten here before and never knew… !



Sagrias -
There’s a White,  Red and a Pink version.   I personally prefer the White one.




Scallops Ceviche with Pea Puree -
Very plump and fresh tonight,  nice summery dish.   ~  9/10



Bikini Sandwich with Jamon,  Mozzarella and Black Truffle paste -
This had a strong Jamon taste,  which was lovely and differs from the Catalunya version,  which is also very good.   Their similarity?  Both places surprisingly use Mozzarella instead of Manchego.   ~  8/10



Spanish Tomato Salad with Shaved Summer Truffles -
This was refreshing,  but although the tomatoes were imported from Spain,  they could be more vine ripened sweeter to me.   And remember I mentioned about European tomatoes above for the bread?  It still remains a mystery to me.   The truffles were ok   ~  6/10



Salmon on Crispy Bread -
Interesting Tapas which reminds me of canapes,  the salmon was briny and plump.   ~  7/10




Fried Kokotxas Fish Tongues/Cheek with a Honeyed Allioli -
This is a fish cheek-tongue dish popular in Basque Country and I ordered this.   The Basque version is usually stewed and in Pil Pil sauce,  but the Chef wanted to make this his own version,  and it succeeded and the texture was still ‘crunchy’ inside.   ~  8.5/10




Spanish Red Prawns,  Potato Puree,  Red Prawn Salt,  Red Prawn Reduction -
This looked and smelled amazing,  and the usage of red prawn salt is a concept I have also tried in Basque Country before and I miss it.   This is modern Spanish food which kept it’s original spirit.  Also comes with piquillo peppers and mushrooms..  ~  9/10


Octopus and Jamon Ham with Green Peas and Consomme -
Hiding beneath were some blood Morcilla pieces,  which were the more smoky type and this dish’s combination surprising worked very well together.   ~  9/10




Grilled Padron Peppers -




Suckling Pig -
One thing I like about this pig is that it came with a sauce or jus underneath. Many shops don’t do this and if they don’t cook it correctly it’s too dry. The one here was tender and with the jus was well lubricated. The pork flavour was strongish, although someone said some pieces the skin could be crispier. ~ 7.5/10



Seafood and Squid Ink Paella -
This paella was amazingly strong in the squid ink and garlic flavour,  which is what’s missing in a lot of squid ink dishes.  I am glad to have re-discovered it here.  We were already so full but everyone inhaled the rest of the rice because it was so good.   ~  10/10




Chocolate Coulant,  Coffee Ice Cream,  Egg Flan and Churros -
Was a bit full to indulge in these,  but had a small bite of everything to give it a try.  Think I prefer the savory dishes tonight as most of them were impressive.  Somehow I liked this visit a lot than a previous experience.   Let’s hope it is consistent -  and Catalunya and Ole has real competition!




Price:  Approximately $500 per Person depending on your Order
Ease of Access:   4/5  
Rating:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  M88 20樓 中環威靈頓街2-8號
20th Floor,  M88,  208 Wellington Street,  Central,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2900 2009

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