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Butchers Club Deli

 Butchers Club Deli only opens for lunch time but if you pre-book,  they can organize private group dinners at the venue or even upstairs in the roof top.    Their recipes and food can only be classified as revelatory for the Hong Kong Dining scene.    I personally actually found the different Butchers Club restaurant outlets to be a little confusing – but here’s to clarifying their differences.  This is Butchers Club Deli in Aberdeen.   There is a Butchers Club Private dining kitchen which serves steaks and also around here.  3rdly,  there is now a newly opened Butchers Club Burger shop which I have covered before and in Wanchai.  


Editus -
The next door Clothing shop to here  




Storage Shelves and Dry Aged beef -
64 Days Dry Aged Australia Stockyard rib-eye. 



Upstairs Space,  Butchers Club Bicycle and new Apartment buildings which surround this space -




Dry Aged Meat Shelf -




Some French Cabernet Sauvignon -
Actually I was surprised at how sweet this was.  

Charcuterie Platter – $200
With Pork terrine,  Spanish Lomo,  Corned Beef,  Sausages,  Aged Cheddar and Blue Cheese,  Cheese stuffed Peppers,  Pickles,  Artichokes,   home made mustard.   This was a very complete platter and reminds me of a Ploughman’s Lunch platter.   ~  7.5/10



Caesar Salad with Bacon and Anchovies – $70
The sauce.   Not mentioning the bacon.  Worth 10/10 by itself in HK context,  as the sauce actually has cheese and anchovies taste finally.  ~  10/10


The Deli Poutine – $80
It doesn’t come with Cheese Curds no,  so purists will say nay.   It has Aged Cheddar as a replacement,  and with the Pastrami and Beef Onion Gravy it comes with,   Canadians wouldn’t buy it but the local customers will.   If only if it carried more cheese personally…   Never mind the squeaky curds.    ~   6.5/10




150g Corned Beef Sandwich with Chips – $120
This was the same salted corn beef as another above dish,  but in a sandwich.  To me this is both British and New York style,  although more thinly shaven.  Lovely in a different way..   ~  8/10


Dry-Aged steak,  Ale and Mushrooms Pie – $120
Surprisingly this was one of my favourite items.   The DA beef within were so flavourful and the pie crust was very flaky.   I had to take one home.    ~  9/10





Barramundi Fish & Chips with Mushy peas and Malted Vinegar Spray – $140
The Aussie sourced fish quality was great,  so was the not too greasy batter.   It is difficult to find a great Fish & Chips in Hong Kong and recently I discovered that Alfie by Kee set a standard very high indeed.   Here it was definitely decent.   I did wished the mushy peas to be more minty.    ~  7/10

64 Days Dry-Aged Australia Stockyard Rib-eye being prepared -
Truth be told I am surprised other foodies countered with me that this is 60 days and not 64 days dry aged.  It is just trivial matter to me personally as who cares over the few extra days,  but some of us on the spot actually counted the number of days because it is all part of the experiment!  




64 Days Dry-Aged Stockyard Rib-eye on the Bone -
This is usually available at their other restaurant only,  but you can also pre-book it to have it at this Venue for a Private Dinner.   I have to say the beef was super tender,   with a hint of funkiness nearer the bones.    I think some pieces were a little too fattier than I would like,  and truth be told,   I think Dry Aging meat benefits more with leaner cuts.   This was awesome and some pieces were really addictive mind you,  but I grew up being used to Dry-Aged Tenderloin muscles which exhibits that unique cheesy and nutty flavour.   Fattier muscles like this becomes more tender instead.   ~  8.5/10




An Array of Sauces -
Ranging from Tarragon Bearnaise sauce,  Tarragon Ketchup,  Home made Mustard with Radish,  Argentinian Chimichurri,  and a BBQ like sauce.   




Dry Aged Beef Salt -
Trimmings from the Dry Aged beef are added to the salt. 
This was an interesting touch. 




Apple Crumble Pie with Cheddar Cheese – $70
Both savoury and yet topped with melty cheese goodness,  this was an aggressive recipe as it was both spiced and cheesy.  Really lovely combination and a rare to find item locally if you ask me.   I truly loved it as a bold concept.   ~  9/10



Chocolate Cheese Cake -
Very cheesy and very chocolaty,  without being dense.  I think most people were tired by the night already,  but still couldn’t get over the overall balance of this cake as it was both cheesy and chocolaty – and not the usual sign of being too dense.   Perfectly balanced if not just missing a scoop of vanilla ice cream.   ~  8/10     Please note that Butcher's Club Deli is also available for private dinners for diners to enjoy the signature Dry Aged steak -  you will need to book this in advance but it is totally worth the effort!





Price:  Meat by Invitation by Butchers Club Deli.   Individual Prices written as above.
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 16/F, Shui Ki Industrial Building, 18 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen,  Hong Kong

Ph: 2884 0768

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