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怡東軒 Yee Tung Heen - Excelsior Hotel

  Actually this is at least my 5th visit to Yee Tung Heen,  sometimes by myself and sometimes by Invitation by the Hotel’s courtesy.  Unfortunately I can’t find some of my photos of my visits as I lost a memory card or it could be hidden in some folders somewhere.   For example,  their braised Beef Ribs here are amazing indeed and at just over $310,  one of the most memorable Cantonese dishes I remember having in Hong Kong...   Their Chef Wong King Keung used to be only 2nd in command to Michelin 1* Chef Lee at Mandarin Oriental’s Man Wah restaurant,  which is a sister hotel.    I am sure the Food & Beverage Director Sammy Wu who was asked to take over charge of the Hotel food here,  has made a major contribution too as it has steadily seen an improvement.  I saw it upstairs at Tott’s and also at the famed Dickens Bar downstairs,  and it shows having Quality Control makes a huge difference.    I have to say the food here has been amazing over the past few visits and this is currently performing than many other Michelin starred restaurants in town,  so I wouldn’t be surprised if it received some come the end of the year.   (Sorry I wished I can share all photos with you of some of the amazing dishes we ate here,  until I find them on my computer again). 


Rose Tea -
To start off the meal..


琥珀鯇魚片 – Fried Grass Carp Fish in Vinegar and Ginger
This is a new dish invented by Chef Wong here,  using a fresh water fish which is normally just boiled in congee or even eaten raw.  The result was very unique and almost Shanghainese or Zhejiang like,  a very clever combination in technique and without worries about the parasites.   Done perfectly and also inventive..  ~  12/10

蜜汁叉燒,  化皮乳豬 ,  金黃蟹拑酥  -  BBQ Charsiu Pork,  Suckling Pig,  Crab Claw Puff Pastry
I have had some of these before.   The Crab Claw Puff Pastry was again unique and daring,  taking Cantonese cuisine into the next level.   The Suckling Pig was devoid of fat but with a nice meatiness and at least Crispy skin,  which can’t be taken for granted always.   The Char Siu pork polarises -  it uses a special muscle which is nearer the neck,  just like sister 1* Restaurant Man Wah.  It is crispier and has a nice bite to it and with a right amount of sugariness,  but texture wise some people like this bounciful bite,  some will think it is not tender enough.  I wonder how the Michelin guys will think…   Personally very well done.   ~  8 to 9/10



雙生金魚餃, 鮑魚燒賣 – Vegetarian and Prawn Gold Fish,  with Abalone Siu Mai
The Gold Fish twins might look alike,  but one is vegetarian with truffles and mushrooms.   The other one is a prawn dumpling.   You can see the difference with the way the eyes are dotted differently.  The Abalone Siu Mai was done well,  but the abalone was kind of petite just to fit.   Interesting concept overall.   ~  8/10



神灣菠蘿脆蝦球 -  Fried Prawns in a Sweet & Sour sauce,  with Chinese Ripe Pineapple,  Bell Peppers,  Fried Flour Nest -
A very thoughtful dish and so presentable.   Everything was done right even down to the specially sourced famous Pineapples in season,  and even the presentation was amazingly done for Cantonese cuisine.   ~  10/10



金湯竹笙釀菜苗 - Stuffed Bamboo Piths with Seasonal Vegetables served in Pumpkin Soup
I have eaten this before here.   Whilst I liked this concept,  somehow I thought the bamboo piths were a bit dry on this occasion,  although to be fair this was coated beneath with pumpkin puree soup.   May be it was just missing some Chicken stock taste somewhere?   ~  6.9/10



榴槤班戟, 榴槤焗西米布甸,  榴槤流沙飽 – D24 Durian Pancake,  Durian Sago Pudding,  Durian Lava bun
Have got to give Kudos to a Hotel kitchen for making these,  as they can be potent and alienating other customers.  All were done pretty well and sweetly,  the sago pudding was caramelized but could carry more D24 Durian flavour.  The crepe wrapping seemed a bit under-cooked pale but was ok.   The Bun was looking like a hedgehog but the best with the flowing durian paste!     7/10



陳皮紅豆沙 - Sweet Bean Soup with 12 Years Aged Orange Peels
Actually they have several options here,  different aged peels will cost differently.   This is the middle option apparently and using Japanese Hokkaido red beans.   I like the concept,  but personally despite the claimed 80% Red Bean sandy with 20% Red Bean Puree texture,  it was not liquidy enough to me.   The viscocity was making me feel like this is red bean porridge,  and the aged peels were too strong and over powering the red beans.  I appreciate the effort and planning behind it though….    ~  6/10




薑汁奶凍 – Ginger and Milk Pudding
Quite strong in their respective flavours,  although I prefer them to be smoother and less set somehow.   Still good.  ~  7/10


粉櫻花杏汁卷,  黑白芝麻卷 -  Almond Film Roll with Seasonal Sakura Flower,  Black Sesame & White Sesame Roll -
The stand out point about these is that the alternating layers are so thin.   The White and Black sesame roll is the best of its class in Hong Kong without competition,  the taste was potent too.  The Almond milk roll was also detectable,  but what I liked about it was it’s Sakura flower decoration to make it interesting.   Very thoughtful recipe and not my 1st time having these…  Good to encore.   ~  10/10


Price:  HKD $400 - $500 Per Person
Ease of Access:  3/5
Food:  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣告士打道281號怡東酒店2樓
281 Gloucester Road,  2F Excelsior Hotel,  Causeway Bay,  Hong Kong
Ph:  2837 6790

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