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Tararan Ya 鱈卵屋 -

 A new restaurant in Hong Kong which is an import from Kyushu in Japan,  focuses on selling Mentaiko and Tarago fish eggs.   It’s a very popular ingredient in Japan especially in Kyushu side,  but will this concept work well in Hong Kong?    I think most people in Hong Kong love Mentaiko so it’s only up to them,  how they manage to market themselves?



Tararan Ya -
It means Cod Fish Roe House.
They actually concentrate on selling the spicy Mentaiko 明太子 dishes.   *I previously thought it’s Tarago,  the non-spicy version




Mentaiko Potato Salad -
This comes with all lunch sets.  The potatoes come in both mashed and diced textures,  which is a small detail you appreciate but most people take for granted,  as it’s an extra step of preparation!   Mentaiko taste was good but less spicier than I imagined.   ~  8/10


Ikura and Mentaiko Roll Lunch Set -
With sesame coating.  This was a Gobore style sushi with the toppings.  ~  8/10


Mentaiko and Shirasu baits toasts -
These were decent.  I always liked this combination,  I think it can have even more Mentaiko but then it would add to the costs of things..    7/10


Mentaiko Dashi Maki Tamago -  $98
This was decent.  The comparison benchmark in Hong Kong context will definitely be Mekiki no Ginji 目利きの銀次  (HK Shop:  Review ).   I have also been to the original Mekikin no Ginji in Okinawa in Japan,  and in that version the eggs were runny and the Mentaiko taste was so strong and spicy,  it was almost fishy.  The HK shop version is more balanced but localized.   The version here was ok,  the eggs could do with more egginess and taste,  and the Mentaiko roes were on the more poppy and fresh side,  but not as much fishiness and spiciness.   ~  6.5/10


Mentaiko Set – $188
This comes with a whole Mentaiko cod roe.  It can be Grilled or Boiled,  or half-half.  
With hindsight,  this was pricier than all other Lunch Sets.   ~  N/A


Mentaiko Cod Roe with Inaniwa Udon and Prawns Lunch Set – $138
The udon was thicker than the normal Inaniwa 稲庭 that we are used to,  but the shop thinks a thinner udon coats the mentaiko roes better.  Seems like we were both approaching it from a different viewpoint as it was definitely quite thick,  almost Sanuki like.   It was served warmed and infused with mentaiko roes.   This was pretty decent.   ~  7.5/10




Chicken Nanban with Home Made Sauce Lunch Set – $98
The Fried Chicken was soaked in Vinegar sauce,  then topped with a home made Eggy Tartare sauce.   The sauce was good,  if not better than the Genki Ippai or Fuji no Sachi version.  The chicken was ok decent,  somehow I thought it could have more chicken taste.   But at $98 this was decent value.   ~  7/10



Comes with Mentaiko on Rice as part of some Set Lunches -
Really good stuff and price was great!   ~  8/10



Unagi and Mentaiko Rice – Eaten 3 Ways $138
Friend ordered this.  It can be eaten mixed,  with condiments and also with stock,  pretty similar to a famous shop in Tokyo and also a Nagoya Hitsumabushi eel dish.    ~  N/A


Kyushu Sweet Potato Pudding – $30 each
This is half portion as I couldn’t eat much.  It has a very very strong sweet potato taste and almost a gingery note.   Really good.   ~  9/10



Tararan Ya – A Niche Market
It’s located upstairs and although I can foresee that many Hong Kong locals or Japanese or Korean customers love Mentaiko Cod roes,  personally,  I think this specialty item is normally associated with strong Shochu and Sake drinks as by default in Kyushu!




Price:  $98 to $138 per Person + 10% for Lunch Set Courses
Ease of Access: 4/5
Rating: ♕♕♕♕

Address: 銅鑼灣軒尼詩道499永光商業大廈14樓
14th Floor, 499 Circle Plaza, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Ph: 2250 7117

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