Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Curry Box by Tim’s Kitchen – Michelin starred Curry Shop ?

 Tim’s Kitchen just a block away has been consistently awarded Michelin 1 or 2 stars,  in both their Hong Kong and Macau branches.  Since I work around this area in Sheung Wan,  one day I suddenly noticed that they have opened up a Pakistani style Curry shop in the vicinity?     At $70 for a curry rice it’s not cheap but the quality was definitely worth returning to,   and we visited twice within a short period.



Beef Brisket and Tendon Curry is $70 with rice,
but no drinks inclusive.


Free Water -


Beef Brisket and Tendons Rice Set – $70
Actually if you compare this to a Chain stall like Fairwood or many other shops serving a curry,  it might sound expensive.   However the amount of spice to make the thick gravy sauce and the great quality beef actually makes this Cheap in comparison personally…   I know I sound contradictory here,  but HKD $70 is only USD $9.0.    



Curry Beef,  Tendons,  Potatoes -
A lot of thick and well structured,  pretty spicy sauce.  Good amount of meat.   This was pretty fantastic and you won’t expect less from a kitchen that regularly holds 2-3 Michelin Stars in their Flagship restaurants.    The rice quality was also excellent and had a nice fragrance and correctly cooked.   ~ 9/10



Beef Tendon -
Great and gelatinous.  Really no complaints about any thing with their whole curry package here. 




Vegetarian Curry Set  – $66
Not as much depth as the Beef version,  but as expected due to no meat gravy input..  $66 is too expensive though this time,  the larger portion without rice is $80 even.   Coco Ichibanya or Izumi Curry is way better priced,  let alone the thousands of shops selling a similar dish..




Plain Large Beef Brisket Curry – $88
Obviously with this size,  you get more sauce and beef in a larger container.   This was really good too and with only a $8 difference with the pure Vegetarian version much like the above but larger without rice,  there is no doubt that this is the way to order with the Beef option rather than the plain Vegetarian option in my personal opinion.    




Price:   $70 – $88
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕  (But heard the Chicken Curry is tough and dry?  I won’t ever get to order that,  so I can’t confirm it.  Beware!)

Ease of Access:  3/5
Address:  上環禧利街16號地下
16 Hillier Street,  Sheung Wan,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2362 2120

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