Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dai Kwong Dang 新大光燈 - Institutional Wonton Noodles near Hung Hom area ? I still don’t think so after all these years…

  The Original 大光燈 was almost like an institution in the Hung Hom area,  discovered amongst the Coffin retailers which surrounded around these two street blocks,  and since we deal with these people on a business basis,  I didn’t ever think highly of the situation.    It might sound eerie too,  but 208 Duecentto and the likes of Corner Kitchen and Chachawan in Sheung Wan are also surrounded by the same historical shops which also sold Coffins.     Here it was said  to serve one of the better wonton noodles for a while in this suburb.   Back then I didn’t really find it too satisfactory.   But we came back to try anyway with the re-located shop 2 streets away,  and the newly re-opened 新大光燈  was certainly very average in performance.



Plain Wontons in Soup -
The skin was over boiled slightly.  Though filled with adequate amounts of pork and prawns,  there were also some chives,  but ultimately the soup base was sort of weak in all components  if not borderline watery.   ~ 6.5/10




Prawn Roes Noodle with Oyster Sauce -
The oldies in us will remember that Prawn Roe noodles are always paired with Oyster Sauce.  It might not work in concept but that was the trend back then.
   Over at here,  I appreciate that they brought back out this traditional combination.   But the prawn roes were a bit sterile undetectable in taste,  and the noodles were too dry to be lubricated enough.   It’s a shame as the basic recipe sounded alright enough and nearly there to compensate. ~ 6/10




More Wontons in Soup -
The original store from a street away wasn’t that impressive back then,  but somehow this newly opened store became more complacent with its lower overall performance.   If the original store had me hardly to look back already,  this newer management based shop will inevitably have me less so willing to return and it is not conveniently located.   At least we got to try it out somehow to see.




Price:   $30 – $50
Food:   ♕♕♕

Ease of ACCESS:  2/5
Address:  紅磡必嘉街69號E舖
69 Bakers Street,  Hung Hom,  Kowloon

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