Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kobab & Koshi, LKF American Korean Burger & Korritos

  I hardly write so quickly as I just ate here this afternoon,  but since the photos didn’t need much tuning and it’s not a 10 course lunch,  let’s quickly share my findings today.   Basically,  I was deliberating between eating lunch at Comfort by Harlans,  Sushi Xuan,  Sushi Ginza Iwa,  Fish & Meat,  Tipping Point,  Breadstreet Kitchen or Mr. Taco Truck,  or even Zabon ramen or Law Fu Kee,  or Sui Kee or Kenko Ramen and even Ippudo or Yat Lok Roast Goose or Izumi.   As a foodie with only 1 stomach and not much time available,  you can struggle and become a little schizophrenic every day.   But when I walked past Kobab & Koshi,  I couldn’t help staring at some office guy’s half eaten burger which looked so temptingly and politically corect.   Sometimes you try to judge by visual indeed..    But what about the final taste?



Opened for around 1 Month,  Kobab & Koshi is Korean-American in concept.  
And Truth be told -
From a Designer’s point of view,  no restaurants or cafes should ever use Blue colors and especially blue lighting.  This is a known fact statistically and all well trained Architects or Interior Designers should already know this if they had any sense.   9.5 out of 10 restaurants will close when using this color spectrum especially if it operates only during the night.   Weird fact!




Menu is kept Simple -
Burgers,  Korritos,  Salads.   Some wines and beers and soft drinks. 




Pepsi -
Part of the Burger Set for $95,  no 10% Service Charge.


K&K Sauce Hamburger with Bacon,  Tomato,  Cheese, 
Beef Chuck Patty and Iceberg Lettuce,  Brioche Bun
and with Twisted Fries -  $95
The brioche bun was toasted well and buttery soft.   The bacons fried well,  but the Beef Patty was what impressed.   It was cooked just right,   the Patty to Bread proportion perfect and no stingy proportions here.  It  had a nice non-dense and not overly grinded texture which is in-house grinded upstairs,  but most of all it also carried a really good beefy taste.  I am not going to compare this to the big names in town directly coz somebody aren’t going to like it very much..  but this was by far the most convincing burger I have eaten in Hong Kong context.   The Chef came out to chat after seeing me taking food photos and slightly contradicted the Menu description,  explaining that the final beef muscles and fat mixture isn’t only Chuck,  and it definitely tasted like it had Sirloin fat mixed in as that unique aroma is unmistakable.   Only 2 minor nit picks is that it was a little oily and also the cheese didn’t fully melt but which I personally prefer.  ~ 9/10



Inside the Burger -
I ordered Medium-Rare,  because I am weary of always over-cooked burgers in HK.  This came out slightly rarer than that but it was so juicy with myoglobin and jus,  with a strong flavour and nice seasonings.   A little greasy overall but I like it this way.  Yum !


Twisted Fries -
Part of the $95 Burger Set Price including a Drink,  very reasonable.   The fries were more like wedges,  but were really crispy and fluffy and hot.  A little under-seasoned but you can always correct that afterwards.   They were really burning hot so be careful.



$95 for a Burger Set -  Lunch & Dinner prices the same
I have to say I am glad I came to try it out,  it was one really impressive Burger and afterwards,  I somehow got to have a chat with one of the Korean owners.  You can tell he is so passionate about his food and he asked me to come back and try out his Korrito,  which is more L.A. based in recipe and concept.   If this burger was this good and impressive,  I will definitely want to try out their other items too soon.  





Price:   $95 no Service Charge
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Ease of Access:  4/5
Address:  6 Wo On Lane,  Central,  Hong Kong


  1. I tried this place today and for me personally, I was very satisfied with the burger. I asked for mine well done, as you should with burgers if you want to avoid nasty stomach bugs -- the one in the picture above I would avoid at all costs -- and when it arrived it was very juicy. It's a thumbs up from me!

  2. It would be illegal to sell that undercooked burger in the UK because of health reasons. Hong Kong needs to tighten up.



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