Saturday, November 29, 2014

Morton’s The Steakhouse - [ Macau ]

  As far as I am concerned,  Morton’s in Hong Kong was the 1st outlet in the world to have been awarded a Michelin 1* Star for a few years not too long ago until they became demoted.   That must say a bit about their pedigree if you believe the French Dining Guide,  and Macau also has a Morton’s outlet inside Macau’s Venetian Casino,   and after bumping into my parents somehow who arrived into Macau without notifying me,  a family reunion was bound to happen.  They really wanted to go back to Morton’s The Steakhouse in Macau.   I was actually more interested in Golden Peacock within the same Venetian hotel and the food is like 1/3rd of the price here,  but they are regulars here so let’s follow parental guidance. 



Steak Knife -
I have a personal fetish with knives,  and I love one with a wooden handle.




Onion Boule -
The signature onion bread was crunchy on the outside but soft aerated inside.   Unfortunately,  tonight’s version was a bit off as it was missing that signature onion taste I remembered..  ~ 6/10


Samples of the Beef Cuts - 
The Bone-in ones are from Australia.   The others are USDA Prime grade.


Interior Space -


Ordered a bottle of Prosecco, 
Extra Dry Col Vetoraz from Valdobbiadene DOCG in Veneto -
The price was around the $450 range from memory.   Expect the typical 300-400% Mark Up in a high end restaurant but this was still enjoyable,  with a really dry and apple and citrusy note.  


Baked Seafood Platter – $HKD/MOP 455
My mom keeps saying she likes the Seafood Platter here. It only has 2 nicely cooked crunchy Prawns,  2 way over Baked Rockefeller Oysters,  2 well cooked Bacon Wrapped Scallops and 2 tiny pieces of slightly fishy Crab Cakes.    Half hits and half misses and not that many pieces at all and look at the lemons in the middle to get a relative idea of the size of this platter.  It was tiny as for this price point,  I wonder if my mom ever checks the bill...  4/10 to 8/10

Mushy and slightly Fishy Crab Cakes, 
way tinier than I imagined for the $455 price tag

Baked Oyster Rockefeller with Spinach, 
Over cooked and has shrunken in size to the point ,  I can’t even dig out the oyster meat easily anymore.  ~ 2/10



16oz USDA Prime Aged Rib Eye steak and one piece of Watercress – $663 
This was ordered as Medium, it came out as Rare at first and too chewy as nothing fatty or gristles has started to melt within.  I decided to wave to the staff and have them re-cook it to Medium Well Done instead,  and this time it finally came out as Medium!   The marbled beef oily flavour was good enough but it wasn't very Dry Aged in note,  so I suspect this as just wet aged.  HKD/MOP $663 or USD $94 for a single steak before 10% Service Charge?   The Truffles Menu I had last night at Bene started from only $628 for 4 Courses.  I know they are both under the same Casino management group in Macau, but I know which I would rather go back to instead, I prefer Chefs who have an input into the recipe and lots of preparation work!  I think this tasted fine but on a relative scale,  the specialty cow’s steaks I have in Europe are better still and yet sold at less than half the price as of here.  At $663 for a simple steak here this was bothering on blasphemy,  but so Morton’s concept.     ~ 7/10



Bacon Onion Mac & Cheese – $115
This was very cheesy and filling,  just the way I liked it.   It was slightly too starchy within,  but the top had a lot of flavourful cheese and was gratinated well.   Definitely my top pick for an excellent Mac & Cheese in town.   I can’t actually come up with a next best competitor which was near this level  ~ 8.5/10 


Sauteed Bacon and Dried Onions Brussels Sprouts – $100
My parents have eaten this so many times,  and it turned out to be pretty decent with the grilled aroma and not over-cooked,  the bacon is a must when cooking this vegetables.   ~ 7/10




Price:   $663 – $880 + 10% before Wines
Food:   ♕♕♕  to  ♕♕♕♕ 1/2
Ease of ACCESS:  3/5

Address: 路氹城金光大道望德聖母灣大馬路澳門威尼斯人度假村酒店大運河購物中心1016號舖
Shop 1016,  Venetian Casino, Cotai Strip, Macau
PH:  8117 5004

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