Saturday, March 21, 2015

Sushi Tei 寿司庭 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Lunch Promotion and Great Quality

 We were scheduled to have a meeting around Tsim Sha Tsui area and on the previous day,  I was somehow walking past Nishiki, my favourite Yakitori place in Hong Kong bar newly opened Keyaki,  both of which I don’t think I have covered as yet except for quick images on Instagram at EpicurusHongKong.  We noticed that the other 2nd outpost of Nishimura Restaurant 西村日本料理 here changed into Sushi Tei 寿司庭.  The Chefs remain mostly the same and with such an attractive Monday to Sunday Buy 1 Get 1 Free Lunch offer,  let’s just make this happen to test it out.   I should emphasize that in general I have been skeptical about eating sushi and sashimi in Hong Kong,  so far only Sushi Mori and Sushi Take have been kind to me,  also Sushi Shougun.  You could pay literally thousands in town but you might as well fly to Tokyo instead.   Here surprisingly, was almost up there and I can finally taste the seafood !




Sushi Platter 9 pieces with Tuna Maki roll – $258
There’s a good mix of white and shiny fishes,   surprisingly all of them were full of taste.  I hope it wasn’t a once off wonder.  Although there is no Toro,  the red Akami tuna was also carrying a good meaty taste.   At it’s normal $258 price I am already happy.  Can’t believe this is Buy One Get One Free for lunch at the moment…   I can eat 2 sets myself In love ~  8/10



Negitoro Minced Tuna Don with Onsen Egg – $230
Relatively speaking,  this was too expensive.  But the tuna was okay and notice that the Gari ginger is sliced whole,  which is appreciated as it indicates it’s home made by the chef.   For me personally I would order the above Nigiri set however.  ~ 8/10




Today’s Grilled Fish -  Hokke from Hokkaido $198
In HK,  this is decently priced even without the Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal,  although Oootoya is your next bet on getting one for nearly half the price.   We had some other food and desserts and tea in included.  Overall I was actually quite happy with the Sushi Set above and that’s the item I will come back for !





Price:  $258 Lunch + 10%  (Not including Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  Shop 106, 1/F Regal KOWLOON HOTEL, 71 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph:  2723 0168

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