Monday, March 30, 2015

Yakiniku Yoshimitsu 焼肉善充 - Affordable Yakiniku by Ginza Iwa Group

 This place has opened for a while and taking over Osaka Horumon’s space.   For some reason I just keep going back to 298 Nikuya,  Futago,  Wagyu Pure,  or Yakiniku Great.  All of these are very fine yakiniku options,  if I had to pick one as the absolutely favourite I will say Yakiniku Great is the most amazing one but that’s not to rob the others of their credentials.   Yoshimitsu meanwhile is on a more affordable course,  most items here start from the $60 – $98 range.   In Japan,  Yakiniku has a few classes of hierarchy – here it is more family style affordable.  But don’t under estimate their pedigree here,  it is in fact opened by the multiple Michelin starred Ginza Iwa Group from Japan and Hong Kong.



Daily Specials -
It kept the previous Osaka Horumon pedigree,  as they sell a few Horumon or innard dishes here.  For example,  Beef Liver can be had for only HKD $28.  Amazing deal..




Asahi Draught -
From memory about $38 or thereabouts.  Reasonably priced. 

Australian Wagyu Uchi Harami ウチハラミ -
There are 2 cuts of Harami in Japanese,  this is the Hanger Steak part instead of the Outside Skirt.  Both would have a kidney innards taste,  and why this is a must order in Yakiniku as it is said to be full of Vitamin A but always slightly cheaper.  Sorry been eating this for too many years so by default,  I assume this is part of yakiniku culture to always order one by default whether it is either of the two cuts.     Loved their minerally and bold flavour.  ~ 8/10



Misuji ミスジ -
This cut is near the Chuck and Brisket area.  Actually the definition of this cut is ambiguous,  as certain shops give you a different cut which literally melts in your mouth.   Not so here.  This was still good but not the elusive Misuji cut you can experience elsewhere in Japan or say Yakiniku Great.   ~ 7/10



牛もも肉 Momo Niku,  Wagyu Leg Meat -
Really gamey and strong,  as expected from a moving muscle.  This is one of my favourite cuts as it gives a bit of a chew and full of flavour.  Pairs perfect with rice.   ~ 8/10

Plain Rice – $20
It’s alright priced.  Cooked well.   Yakiniku without rice is like eating a castrated wagyu.  Oh well,  98% of them already are.  
Smile with tongue out




まぐろほほ肉 Maguro Tuna Cheek Meat -
Fun to see a Tuna Cheek on the menu for Yakiniku.  This was pretty fine although despite the marination,  still slightly fishy.  Definitely needs some rice to go with it.   ~ 7/10





Opens til 2am -
Keeping the spirit of an original Japanese Yakiniku Ya.
The Wagyu meat cuts are half Australian and half Japanese sourced,  but if you know how the Japanese system works there really isn’t much difference for normal Black Wagyu cuts,  as anything that has been bred 50%+ of time in Japan can be classified as local,  whether it grew up in Australia,  Argentina,  America or even Spain.   What’s more important is the Wagyu DNA.




Price:  $350 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕

Address:  G/F, Golden Dragon Building, 41-43 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Ph:  2591 1821

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