Monday, March 23, 2015

Entertainer Guide HK 2015 - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offers at 256 Locations in Hong Kong

 Previously I posted some information online about how you could either purchase an APP version for your Smart Phones,  or a Twin Books Version for the latest Hong Kong Entertainer Guide 2015.   This entitles you to many Buy-1-Get-1 Free offers ranging from Manicures,  Spas,  overseas Hotel stays and for me most importantly Lunch or Dinner Meals with your friends!    You can find out the latest offers on this link first,  before deciding on whether they will suit your needs:  ( )   I have used it a few times for myself since 2013 and it definitely can be a bargain,  even for Business Dinners to save some dosh for the company expenses,  coz your company needs precisely someone thoughtful like you..



Buy-1-Get-1-Free Offers for HKD $345 – Until the End of 2015
Most Restaurants or Cafes,  Hotels, Spa places offer you 3 x Individual coupons. 
For example,  you want to buy coffees at Cupping Room HK,  you can redeem it up to 3 times.  So you only pay for 3 coffees but can receive 6 coffees in total.  

Doppio Zero Food Pictures - Chitarra Sea Urchin (1)
[Doppio Zero] – Chitarra Sea Urchin Pasta with Crab Roes & Tarragon $228
Although with so many restaurants to choose from,  one of my favourites will be Doppio Zero’s hand made pasta’s with Sea Urchin.   I have already confirmed with the owners,  in fact I just bumped into him on the streets tonight coincidentally just as I was to type this App Review up -  this Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer will extend to their main pastas.  




Doppio Zero Food Pictures - Pan Roasted Baby Chicken (2)
[Doppio Zero] Pan Roasted Heritage Farmed Chicken with Olives,  Roasted Peppers & Red Wine Vinegar sauce – $298
You can get another 2nd chicken for free with the deal as an example..  Hit 2 Chicks with 1 Coupon.




Doppio Zero Food Pictures - USDA Prime Ribeye with Bone Marrow
[Doppio Zero] Signature Grilled USDA Prime Rib-Eye 10Oz with Bone Marrow, 
Anchovy Garlic Butter,  Gremolata – $428
For me this is the ultimate dish to order here.  Pay for 1 and get a 2nd for your friends to share.  Obviously the above Signature Sea Urchin dish is also super attractive and the participating restaurants are also nice enough to provide as a gesture to extend the Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers to other Menu items.   Please do ask carefully what can be included or not in the offer first.  

Say for example this Steak and Marrows is priced at $428 – if you pay for the Entertainment Guide App at $345,  you just already make an instant saving.   Not counting in the rest of the meals you will have by the end of 2015.   Study the full index of the Merchants here at: 



Entertainer HK 2015 Website:

Mobile APP Purchase Link :

Doppio Zero:
Address:  The Pemberton, 22-26 Bonham Strand
Phone: 2851 0682


*Disclaimer :
1)  This is part of an Online Social Media Promotion to market Entertainer products within Asia-Pacific
2)  The Website,  Facebook and Instagram Account owner here does not receive any Commissions whether you purchase the App or the Book or not.  Wished I did.

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