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IFT Educational Restaurant 澳門旅遊學院 - Macau Restaurant & Hotel for New Trainees

 Visiting the IFT School and it’s restaurant has long been on my agenda,  as it comes highly recommended by the Macanese locals and their restaurant even received a Michelin Guide mention.   One would think why would I pay any money to become a guinea pig and try out their dishes here being prepared by training students,  but as I found out there is no reason to be petulant.   Not advertised usually is that in fact the food in the Restaurant itself are always cooked by their senior professional chefs,  as they wanted to make sure the food quality remains consistent to the customers.  Students who attend the school meanwhile only get educated in the hospitality side of things,  as well as helping to make some of the desserts as these are more controllable by recipes.   A very meaningful project by the Macanese Government with vision,  I wish Hong Kong will also have the same soon!



The Executive Lunch Menu -
Including Unlimited Dessert Buffet for $200.  Superb value for money.


It’s actually quite pleasingly decked out -
Facing a bit of a forest and up in the hills.  




Lovely Focaccia with Herbs,  Cheese Bread,  Baguette,  and Musica Sheets -




Butter,  Olive Oil and a Portuguese Sausage Spread -
The sausage spread was really addictive and I scooped it all up in no time,  it has a bit of fat oiliness flavour.   Very appreciated and unique in HK/Macau context.




This Girl Student is being Trained on the Spot -
By reading the notes of what each customers ordered,  and how to serve them with the right cutlery and other things.  I personally found this to be very meaningful,  since usually customers wouldn’t want to get served by new trainees.   However,  I think everyone needs a base to build on for experience…





Seared Scallops with Portuguese Morcela Blood Sausage,  Home Grown Dill and Potato Puree – $110
Actually this was done very very well,  in fact I struggle to remember the last time I had a really well done scallop even in Hong Kong.  The surface was well caramelized and it seemed like some sugar was added.  The Morcela Blood Sausage is also different from the usual Spanish/British version with rice fillers,  this one was actually grilled with a lot of fatty lard within.   Overall this was bold yet remarkable.   ~ 9/10




Black Mussels with Cream,  Leek and Saffron – $120
Another bargain dish.  The cream was actually really seafood-y in taste,  so they didn’t just put in loads of cream to make it likable for the commoners but really put an effort into making this a compacted Mussels broth dish.   Just needed some chips,  or otherwise more bread.  ~ 8.5/10


Pulled Duck Confit Salad with Endive,  Peta Negra Ham and Orange – $80
Comes with a crispy rye bread and fresh herbs.  This was quite likable as it is an interesting mixture of textures and meat and fruits.  ~ 7/10




Lobster Cappuccino with Snipped Chives – $60
The Lobster is blended and there is a little brandy like taste.  Very satisfying,  as it isn’t bitter nor diluted like many recent versions.  Very good ~ 9/10




Fish Quenelle,  Morel Mushrooms,  Quail Egg,  Shallots,  Home-Grown Rosemary -
I ordered this because of the quenelle mostly.  The soup consomme base is from Chicken.  What intrigued me a lot was how aromatic the Rosemary is from only a single sprig.   ~ 9/10




Mangalica Wolly Pig Cutlet,  with Potatoes,  Fresh Chervil, 
Fried Pork Rinds and Herbed Butter – $290
A huge slab of meat,  we shared this amongst 4 people and I still think it was filling.  The Chervil was home-grown and very powerful just like the above herbs.  The fried pork rinds added another dimension in terms of texture in the dish.   They ask if you want to cooked to 100% or if you want it slightly pink.   The pork flavour was expectedly strong.   ~ 8/10




Halibut with Lobster,  Baby Onions,  Oyster Mushrooms,  Herbs & Lemon – $140
This was such a good pricing point,  with 2 pieces of fish instead of the usual 1 piece,  and on top of that there’s a lobster meat in the shell.   An outright bargain for a dish of this quality..  ~ 8/10




Roasted Welsh Lamb and Braised Brisket,  with Beans,  Rosemary and Sauce – $180
I didn’t get to try this but from the nicely Frenched Lamb look and precise cooking,  my dining companion said this is on par with the best of the hotel and Michelin Starred servings.  ~ N/A


IFT Seafood Rice – $120
With the above Lobster Soup quality,  I expected a lot from this.   Although the gravy is thicker than the normal wet Seafood Portuguese/Spanish rice,   I personally think this was a bit lacking in seafood taste for some reason,  or diluted.   ~ 5/10




Guava Ice Cream and Lemon Sorbet,  with Toasted Pistachio and Melon -
Part of the Dessert Buffet Menu.  But I am too full to eat everything for 2-3 rounds!   ~ 8/10



Vanilla and Lychee Panna Cotta -



Summer Apricot Tiramisu with Macarons -

Fruit Platter -
So healthy


Eton Mess Meringue -






3 Layered Tropical Verrine -



Raspberry and Chocolate Linzer Tart -




Ice Cream station again! 
Overall I am glad we did booked and come here finally.  The food was very professional and as mentioned above already,  they are handled by proper professional Chefs.   Their students only learn about hospitality in other areas here, which is so meaningful!   And the prices of food here are amazingly cheap versus the quality.  




Price:  $200 Lunch or Roughly $450-$550 A La Carte + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 - ♕♕♕♕♕
Address:  70-78 望廈望廈炮台斜坡
70-78 Rampa do Forte de Mong Ha, Macau
Ph: 8598 3077 / 8598 3076

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