Thursday, April 30, 2015

Maxim's Hong Kong Day 美心香港地 - New Concept by Maxim’s

 Maxim’s is part of the larger consortium group which runs so many successful restaurant concepts in Hong Kong.  As a business minded person,  I have always been curious as to how they come up with new concepts and ideas and how they run their business at large.   Curiosity well,  is a curious thing.  We wanted to find out more about their upcoming Korean food concept in the newer Maxim’s Hong Kong Days shops.



Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 05
Since we were here in Ma On Shan for some Ice Cream -
Let’s explore Maxim Hong Kong Day’s new concepts,
which is gradually replacing Maxim’s MX in the city.   The 1st one I tried is a shop in Central,  which is a Maxim’s I have been visiting for like 30 years for their chicken leg. : @




Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 08
Korean Concept -
It seems like Korean food is all the rage these days,  it is definitely a Trendy thing and also so noticeable in Tsim Sha Tsui side especially and now infiltrating Hong Kong Island too!   Maxim’s seem to be picking up on this new trend.  Let’s see..  Knowing me,  I am always curious at how other people deal with business stuff.



Photo 4-5-2015上午4 21 37
Hot Plate -
This is quite Hong Kong style,  yet also Japanese/Korean in history too.



Photo 29-4-2015下午2 27 39
Hot Plate Pork Vermicelli with Carrots,  Cabbage and Garlic – $55
This is served on the hot plate and kept warm.   It was interesting to see this Korean Japchae dish here.  For the price this was a big enough portion,  although I expected the garlic slivers to be more caramelized!   ~ 8/10

Photo 4-5-2015上午4 22 40
Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 11
Fried Danish Pork Chop with Soup Noodles – $55
The pork chop is from Denmark and fried to a pristine state.  The panko crust coated it evenly enough.   What about the noodles?   You ask?  Rather than soft they are rather hard.  The way I like them. 

Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 28
Photo 4-5-2015上午4 23 47
This is the Overall Package.   Noodles,  Pork and Kimchi – $55
The noodles were not over-cooked.   To me this is comfort food,  so I can eat it again and again…  It’s not the usual me to post a food blog about these foods,  but as I said,  I felt that Maxim’s is kind of hitting the right trend lately so it’s always fun to explore from this angle..  ~ 7.5/10




Photo 29-4-2015下午2 40 33
Interesting Experience coming to here -
I have a feeling Maxim’s Group is trying out to test a new niche market,  and also to increase their profit margins.   In this World it is all about Balance and Supply vs Demand.    The new Korean food concept here is definitely trying to catch on with the trend…   It seems to be popular for now and heading in sort of a right direction.




Price:  $55 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕

Address:  Shop 2104, 2/F., Sunshine City Plaza, 18 On Luk Street, Ma On Shan
Ph:  2434 3232

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