Thursday, April 9, 2015

千両 Senryo Food Delivery to Your Home -

 Senryo 千両 HK was during the Winter period doing a Home Delivery service for a few months.   It was actually quite useful as I think with a big brand name behind it and their regular flights daily,  customers can trust that they will ship to you the freshest ingredients.   I placed an Online Order of their Miyazaki Pork previously and at only $128,   surprisingly the portion that arrived was bigger than I thought.



My Japanese Miyazaki Pork Loins arrive Frozen and with Cooling Ice Packs -



Slightly different cuts of the Same Muscle -
To me this is natural,  anyone who has worked behind the kitchen will know not every muscle or organ cut will be the same.   That’s why the French and the Koreans are the top butchers in the world according to how they cut up the carcass.


Marinated the Pork with a Soy Sauce,  Eggs,  Black Pepper,  Sugar and Corn Starch coating -
This is kind of Chinese-Cantonese in technique though usually used with thinner pork or beef cuts.  I just wanted to see how this works in the final result! 


Double Miyazaki Pork Loins with Pecorino Romano Cheese,  Watercress,  Radish and Sauce
In a Toasted Brioche Bun -
I love sandwiches so as I was a bit rushed,  wanted to make this version for dinner.   Absolutely loved the pork flavour and tenderness.   Wished I could eat this every week.   My marination technique is generic but worked well.





You can Of Course prepare it also like Ebi no Hige’s style -
Which is Infra-red grilled  (



Price:  $128 + Delivery Charge

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