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裕家麵 Yu Noodles [Macau] - Possibly the Best Noodles Shop in Hong Kong and Macau Region ?

 Some people do tend to think outside of the box.  Look at Ramen culture in Japan for instance.   Ever since Chinese Chuka-Soba noodles infiltrated into Japan Yokohama’s China Town in the early 1900’s,  it has already experienced 100 years of developing its own ramen styles all over Japan continent and beyond.  Even to this day the Chuka-soba tag (translated as Chinese Soba) name remains with many ramen bowls or similarly in Yaki-soba dishes (Fried noodles),  even when there is no buckwheat involved.   In Yu Noodles,  which I have heard is great prior to my own visit and everybody else eating with me are already regular customers,  yet it looked just like any other noodles on a photo,  I never suspected beforehand how much attention to details they insert into every dish here.   It’s almost like they are obsessed with food here and at any cost.. ?



Spanish Iberico 5J Ham in a Noodles House ?
The Central kitchen upstairs which supplies to all the 3 restaurants has a Ham storage room !
At 1st sight the word ‘Fusion’ instantly popped up in my mind,  but it really is more than this.   If we think about it,  China also makes ham in Yunnan anyway.  They just wanted to serve the best of the best here..  Like mentioned above,  at all costs. In fact this place reminds me totally of Oolala on Hong Kong side,  only even better.



Sichuan Style Spanish Iberico Pork with Garlic and Chili,  shaved Cucumbers – MOP $38
The pork taste was so pronounced and cooked well,  the sauce condiments also done well.   I couldn’t help but to tell the boss this is charging way too cheap for the quality.   Memorable dish and they are too conservative with pricing policy..   ~ 9/10



Braised Eggs – $10 Each
Done pretty well too.  Truth be told I can make better but at this price point,  no one is complaining as making them at larger batches is more difficult of course.   ~ 7/10




Spanish Jamon Soup Noodles – $138
The soup base is boiled with Jamon Bones and other ingredients,  and this was super concentrated sweet!   So unsuspecting.   The Jamon used for this noodles is not as high quality as the separately ordered,  ‘off-menu’ 60 months Jamon,  but when warmed up in the broth,  still worked a treat.   Their house made noodles were also exceptional and retained the texture and taste  ~ 9/10





Crevette de Rose Prawn Roes from France with Fresh & Fried Spring Onion,  Oil,
Dried Shrimps from Japan and Minced Prawns – $80
The minor details which goes into this noodles is mind boggling for only $80.   In theory the French Rose Prawns will have some sweet umami from its home toasted roes,  I like the bosses for saving these up slowly and home toasting them…    However to me this dish won my heart more with the Japanese dried shrimps and the scallions than the roes.   ~ 9/10


House Made Kimchi Cabbage – $28
House fermented.  I am tempted to call this noodles house a ‘fusion’ restaurant,  but China also has kimchi and knowing it’s geographical closeness to Korea,  I just want to say these were quite spicily crunchy.  Definitely good quality.  ~   9/10


Fresh Chicken Feet Slow-cooked in Jamon Ham & Chicken Stock – $30
This noodles house is literally 5 metres away from the food market opposite.   They source their Fresh Chicken feet daily and allow me to exaggerate a bit for once…   I have never had Chicken feet of this high quality before,  full stop.  Not even remotely close!   The gelatinous skin were thin and had skin taste,  also easily peeling off the bones.  Comparing the difference between these fresh chicken feet carefully slow-cooked in stock vs any other restaurant serving them in Dim Sum baskets is beginning to sound like I have never tasted proper chicken feet.   I think I have and will never have Chicken Feet even remotely close to this quality again…  Simply Amazing.   ~ 12/10




60 Months Jamon de Iberico -  (Off Menu)
We were talking to the bosses,  and they said they have some special Jamon and which less than 10% will make the grade,  so decided to serve us some.   Best Jamon ham I have ever tried in Hong Kong/Macau region easily.  For a 60 months aged jamon it wasn’t very cured and was full of pork and acorn flavours.   One wonders privately if this really is just a Noodles house or a Jamon wholesaler – which upon asking,  they actually also do in Macau and no wonder as a wholesaler Who me?.   ~ 10/10



Braised Spanish Jamon Pork Hock – $80
Probably my least favourite dish.   The ham flavour was good mind you,  but when cooked like this remained too salty.  It also wasn’t exactly teeth tender.   Whilst I liked the flavour,  the saltiness and slight toughness got to me.   ~ 6.9/10



4 Prawns Noodles – $90
The broth base is made from pulverized French Rose Shrimps,  Japanese Dried Shrimps,  Japanese Sakura Prawns and Local Macanese White Shrimps.  The top layer is cold French Rose shrimp meat,  the 2nd layer the heated local White shrimps.   Enhanced by fried Spring Onions (the whiter part).   As a concept I thought this was too fussy,  but the taste definitely delivered.   Way better than the also Crevette Rose Prawn Noodles version at Oolala in Wanchai HK and it’s $90 vs $150 in this shop’s favor.   Amazing stuff if not for the presentation.   ~ 10/10




Ginseng Chicken Noodles – $80
A friend’s noodle,  I was too full but managed to take a sip of the soup.  Very strong of Ginseng flavour and also chicken stock.   The medicinal in you will like this but for me I was more concentrating on the other lovely dishes…  Everyone is different and this comes with a thinner noodles type.  Also uses the fresh chicken from opposite wet market   ~ 9/10




It’s All in the Heart -
Before coming to here and with their relatively high prices,   I was like how good can a Noodles shop be?   And I saw Chocolatemui Mui (  posted on a Macau Magazine about here just coincidentally 1 day prior to my own visit.   I have to say apart from the Pork Hock dish which was too tough and salty for me,  and the Braised Eggs which I could cook slightly better…  Everything else exceeded my expectations.   This is easily the best noodles house I have been to in Hong Kong and Macau region and with their attention to details so far.





Price:  $90 to $170 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  荷蘭園柯高街12號全幢
Shop D, Mei Lai Kok , Edificio Mei Keng Garden, Avenida de Guimaraes, Flores,  Macao
Ph: +853 2883 5023

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