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Weekend Poolside Portuguese Buffet at Sala Pool, Macau Sheraton Hotel -

 Macau Sheraton Hotel is hosting a weekend Friday,  Saturday and Sunday Pool side Portuguese BBQ Buffet for $458 + 10% per person.   It was odd because I was staying in the same hotel for 3 consecutive weeks myself,  but little did I know about their Pool Buffet offering until I was invited over back for the weekend.   Apart from this night buffet,  they also have an afternoon buffet downstairs which showcases Colonized Macau-Portuguese food with history.  Totally up my alley.



Right by the Pool -
Some really nice pretty ladies were swimming nearby but I tried to be discreet and not capture them into my photo.   It really is a relaxing environment here…  I personally have stayed at this hotel for more than 20 times from memory.   I just sleep very well here 




Bar Area -




The Seafood,  Prawns,  Sardines wrapped in Bacon,  Cod Fish,  Beef Brochette station -
Actually this was hardcore but the nearby Charcoal grilled sections were even more convincing.  Hope I remember to cover below.



Caldo Verde -
This is a Portuguese style soup with Chouricho sausages,  sometimes Kale but this time Olive Tree leaves,  Potato thickening and Portuguese Olive Oil.  I love this soup and as said on Instagram,  for some reason I think this is quite ‘Catholic Church’.  Coz a Clams Chowder from New England has a similar thickening base involving potatoes and similar veggies.  and a French Potage uses a similar technique.   What will be the meaning of your life,  if you don’t begin thinking about your own origins?   ~ 8/10




Salted Cod Bacalhau Croquettes and Prawn Camarao Rissois -
Both my favourite items and available within the buffet.  So excited !!   ~ 7/10



Fried Milho Frito Cornmeal with Cheese & Kale (Olive tree leaves to be precise) -
This is basically a fried Polenta as it is more commonly known,  but same ingredients.  Just Portuguese Milho in this instance with olive tree leaves.  Hard to find this variant in Hong Kong or Macau.   ~ 7/10




Chourico Sausage Tortilla -
This was done superb.  If you are a real foodie,  you will probably recognise that Portuguese Chourico and Spanish Chorizo share a common background.  I mean parts of them share the Iberian coast plus in history,  European continent wasn’t defined as clearly as in 2015.  And it could still all change soon!   ~ 9/10



Seafood Rice with Clams -
This is the drier rice version which almost resembles a Spanish Paella from its neighbour.  Pretty decent but a bit bell peppery,  will do better with more seafood stock.  ~ 6.9/10



Cozido à Portuguesa -
Portuguese version of Morcerla Blood sausage,  which is similar to Spanish Morcilla,  and with white beans stew.   Fairly authentic and I appreciate this buffet for making this effort to serving them as this is a fairly local traditional dish!   : )   ~ 8/10 




Scallops,  Razor Clams,  Lobsters,  Prawns -
Cold platter and all served unlimited.




Marinated Sardines -
Again so Mediterranean in concept.   Nicely filleted. 




This is Polvo Carpaccio -
In my mind this is a Polbo,  but the funny thing is in Japanese Polbo and Polvo are pronounced the same linguistically anyway.  Which I brought it up because Japanese cuisine is actually partially influenced by Portuguese food at the coastal areas,  including Tempura or Pan-Curry bread.    This was done very well especially for a buffet setting..  ~ 9/10



Bacalhau Salted Cod Fish on Open Toast -
Not advertised is that this recipe is also so common in Spain too as a Montatido or Pintxo/Pincho recipe.   This was done superbly and not flaky at all,  instead it was oily and dissolves in your mouth upon biting in.   Food done with heart.   ~ 9/10





Portuguese Black Ham -  Unlimited
This was so good and equivalent to the Spanish counter-part.  Sorry if I encored a few rounds and I should pay tips to the guy who kept hand-slicing them.  ~ 9/10




Charcoal Roasted Suckling Pig -
All you can eat of course.  This was done to expected levels and had a crispy skin with decent meat.  Vietnamese suckling pig 3 Kgs batch if you ask me.   I think the Skin could be crispier still  ~ 6.9/10



The Close-Up Shot -
Nothing to be hided.. The Bacon behind was very nice.  The suckling pig as mentioned,  was good meaty but the skin could be more crispened up.


US Steak grilled on Charcoal -



We had 2 Servings of This  -
They were a little under-charred and chewy.   I will personally stick to the Suckling Pig and Seafood all you can eat,  this steak could be improved personally as I can’t handle it’s chewiness even if I was an European used to it.  ~ 5/10


Grilled Brochette of Beef Tenderloin,  King Prawns,  Sardine with Bacon wrap -
Pool side party is always fun…  Bet no one is even reading my food descriptions by now.  Just kidding   ~ 7.5/10




Chourico Sausage on Fire -
Apparently part of the overall Buffet Package on the weekend.  Burnt with Brandy! 
This was terrific and I think they should push it on the actual menu as this was both fun and tasty.   ~ 9/10



Oops -
I thought the Wines were included in the $458 MOP price,  but they are not.  But it is still great value ..



I liked this Portuguese Pool-side BBQ Experience @ only $458 a lot -
I managed to learn a lot about Portuguese Food and Macanese-Portuguese Food in the process.  This is something which strikes to the centre of my heart as a foodie.



Price:  $458 + 10%  (Friday to Sunday.  Their Website Page is slightly behind updating.)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  Level 4, Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central
Ph: +853 8113 1200


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