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Ginsai (III) - Seasonal Menu to Pair with Veuve Clicquot Champagnes

 We were invited by the adorable Veuve Clicquot Champagne team to try out Ginsai’s Japanese food pairing with their French Champagnes,  which the head French Sommelier tonight actually lives in Japan himself and is promoting the Champagne x Japanese Food pairing movement.  I was estatic no doubt by the invitation this time as I am a big fan of VC,  especially considering their Taste versus Value for money.  Perrier Jouet and Moet Chandon somehow seems to get the limelight in HK clubs and restaurants these days,  or say a Cristal by LR,  but when it comes to the Non-Vintage bottles taste,  I think Veuve Clicquot really hits all the right spots for me.



This is the Semi-Dry Version -
Which is approaching sweet and very likeable,  released only in limited numbers. 
A Huge untapped market in Asia if you ask me.


Murasaki Purple/White Sea Urchin,  Watershield, Botan Ebi Prawn,
Caviar and Dashi Stock Jelly -
Part of the Summer Kaiseki tasting tonight.  Off to a wonderful start.   Paired with the Veuve Cliquot Yellow label Champagne beautifully.  *The recent version adapted to a Vinegar Jelly  ~ 9/10



Scallop & Firefly Squid with Egg Yolk sauce,  Kinome leaf,  Vinegar Jelly and Bamboo Shoots -
An amazing concoction,  the semi-seared scallops served in it’s shiny shell (Hiragai,  not Hotate DNA ones) were so supple yet sweet,  the egg yolk sauce was custardy and slightly acidic,  the kinome added that final peppery floral fragrance yet not over powering it.  ~ 10/10




Wagyu Beef Shabu Salad -
This looked really pretty in real life,  with colourful Japanese Kabu radishes.  The lighting conditions in the room made it a bit hard to capture that moment.   Great sesame based dressing but still lightly refreshing.  Wagyu beef had an adequate amount of wagyu’s unique fat/beef taste…  Could eat this every day.  ~ 8/10




Abura Bouzu,  Tuna Toro,  Shima-Aji,  Geoduck Mirugai -
All were presented well,  but the highlights were definitely the highly seasonal Abura Bouzu fish,  also the ultra sweet crunchy Mirugai.   On the other hand, honestly Maguro Tuna toro in HK for some reason is losing flavours compared to Japan for some reason.  Last time I had really great toro in HK was at Sushi Take so it’s not impossible,  much like Truffles in HK in general are shockingly deprived of fragrance (Le Bistro Winebeast and now defunct Uno Duo Trio were the only exceptions with truffles in HK for me).   This was pretty good overall  ~ 8/10



Abura Bouzu -
A quite fatty marbled fish that is lightly seared.  It’s buttery silky and highly treasured and related to Cod fish but not the same.   This was simply too good.





Putting some Kasui Shiso flowers 花穂 into my Soy sauce-
I am used to eating like this when living in Japan before…  It’s a nice subtle touch 





Kegani Hairy Crab Carapace ‘torched’ -
This was mixed in with the Kanimiso,  the tomalley and crab roes.  It is pretty ‘crabby’ needless to say,  we weren’t joking either when we said this needed some rice!!  It was just needing that extra element due to the freshness umami taste  ~ 8.5/10




Wagyu Beef Cubes with Lotus Chips -
This was actually quite unexpected,  how to say?   The beef cubes are expectedly tender soft with marbled oil but not much charred.  However it was the underlying clear broth which impressed me,  it was so balanced ~ 8/10



Sakura Prawns Rice -
Their Signature dish here and not my 1st time eating it,  this was as good as any other time and so fragrant.   You really can’t come to Ginsai and not order this dish.   Other places also do it but not with this impact on your palate !   ~ 9.5/10



Some Miso Soup to Finish -
Again very nice,  using Aka Miso.  But you can taste the seafood base in the broth,  which no matter which type of miso you use it’s to me always what’s beneath the base




A Sakura and Raspberry based Dessert in the Glass -
This was Summery and paired perfectly with the demi-sec Veuve Cliquot. 
Quite often people treat me as a Food Blogger – but in reality,  I just love food and I tend to predict trends…  If you ask me as I said above,  this Veuve Cliquot Demi-Sec Champagne is going to fly off the shelves but hey,  it depends how you market them.





Price:  $880 + 10%  (Meal by Invitation to promote New Champagne and Food Menu)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  灣仔交加里32-38號
32-38 Cross Lane,  Wanchai,  Hong Kong
Ph: 2574 1118

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