Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Shrekfast - Macau Sheraton

 Shrek of the DreamWorks Cartoon’s fame is so popular,  and actually I didn’t know this is one of the Breakfast and Brunch attractions on the 1st Floor here in Macau’s Sheraton hotel until I was given a Morning Pass to visit here.   Individual prices start at MOP $238 per person,  with a Whole Family of 3 Adults and 1 Kid being only $688 + 10% and a good bargain if the food and entertainment are good enough.   This is done with US DreamWorks as collaboration as mentioned and if you ask my opinion,  I am surprised why it took me so long to find out about here at all.  But now I know it is good value for money especially when it comes with kids.


I just need Some Food  -



Panda Buns -
Looking cute. 





Poached Eggs on Ham Toasts -
No Hollandaise sauce,  but looking neat ..  ~ 7/10




Egg Omelette with Sausage,  Croissant,  Hashbrown,  Bacon,  Baked Beans,  Salad,  Sausage -
Such a full breakfast and it was right for the price.  Again,  I didn’t even know this existed inside Sheraton Hotel upstairs.  I think they should either promote harder or I was just not informed enough.  This was very fun and lovely.  


Portuguese Tarts -
This is almost expected in Macau buffets.  Nice caramelized surfaces..


Cheeses and Hams Sections -
Quite French and professional.  No shortcuts here at all..



The Poached Eggs on Ham and Toast were really well done -
I think this was flawless for a Kid’s Brunch buffet at this price. 



Lion King wasn’t too shy to take a photo with Us -
At least it was friendly as an encounter and didn’t bite us..




Price:  $238 + 10%.  3 Adults + 1 Kid is $688 + 10%
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  URUMQI Ballroom, Level 4, Sands Cotai Central
Ph: +853 8113 7915

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