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Pirata Hong Kong - Honest & Solid Italian Food for Lunch

  We have heard great things about Pirata’s food and cocktails,  plus the surprising night view from a building right next to a Cooked Food centre in the middle of Wanchai.  One day a friend and I were trying to select a lunch spot to catch up at and this place sprang into my mind and that settled it right here – we were glad we came.  Most semi-buffet lunches start from $168 – $198 – $248 Range with a Main Course and Semi-Buffet,  Dessert and Tea included.   



Photo 28-4-2015下午1 04 34 (1)
Refillable Salumi Platter – Part of Semi-Buffet Brunch
With Parma Ham,  Salami,  Turkey Ham.  Later the Parma was changed to a Coppacolla Ham. 
Very good quality !  ~ 9/10




Photo 28-4-2015下午1 07 26 (1)
Roasted Beef on Arugula -
Also part of the unlimited Lunch Semi-Buffet table.  This was really done well and not dry at all for me.  ~ 7.5/10




Photo 28-4-2015下午1 07 36 (1)
Vitello Tonnato – Tuna Mayonnaise of Veal Meat
Another Italian staple starter.  I have seen it done with Quenelles of the tuna-mayo to reveal the meal underneath cleverly,  I have seen the Veal substituted with Tongue instead.  But this honest version was perfectly tuned and topped with Caperberry.   ~ 9/10



Photo 28-4-2015下午1 35 17 (1)
A Side Salad from the Anti-Pasti Buffet Bar -
It has plenty of red onions and olives,  and some peppers.  Kind of Mediterranean in spirit.  ~ 7/10

Photo 28-4-2015下午1 56 08 (2)
Egg Frittata -
Also unlimited.  Today’s batch was a little too salty.   However the ingredients and texture was done well and reminds one of a Spanish Tortilla or a French Quiche as usual just too salty today.  ~ 7.5/10



Photo 28-4-2015下午1 44 39 (1)
Duck Ragu on Home-made Pappardelle Pasta -
Part of the Lunch Main Course.  Topped with plenty of freshly shaved Parmesan cheese as an option and of Rosemary herbs.  The duck meat was hand diced and although were a little dense,  had the perfect seasoning but the pasta was amazing accurate -  good wheat and eggy taste,  lovely thickness so it carries a bite to suit the heavier duck meat and rosemary influence.   ~ 8.5/10  (Would have been totally perfect if the Duck Ragu was less dense)




Photo 28-4-2015下午1 43 56
Baked Salmon with Cream Cheese,  Sautéed Zucchini, Mixed Salad –
$198 with Above Buffet Lunch
This was done like a roll and requires some meticulous skills,  which defers from the usual big Salmon blocks from an American Diner as you can presume.   The layerings were calculatively precise and likeable.   I don’t mind more Cream Cheese ..  ~ 8.5/10




Photo 28-4-2015下午2 49 42
Almond and Chocolate “Bonet” -
I expected this to be a popular Free-Standing dessert buffet,  but the service was so nice yet a bit too slow . .  


Photo 28-4-2015下午2 49 56
Panna Cotta with House-Made Raspberry Coulis,  Fresh Raspberry -
This was done alright and 1 part of me says I was so bored just typing this description,  another part of me says this is ok solid.   Time to reflect upon yourself on whether your Final Judgment is still a subjective matter,  or you can see through it and hope to cater for the masses. WE are all going through our own discoveries in life…   ~ 7.5/10





Price:  $168 to $228 + 10%  (Lunch)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕♕
Address:  灣仔交加里32-38號

Ph: 2574 1118

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