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鍋居火鍋專門店 - Hot Pot Specialist Shop in Sham Shui Po

 There are so many Hot Pot places in Hong Kong, and now there’s also so many Chicken Chili Hot Pot places.   I am not really a hotpot expert personally,  as for me,  why do I go out to pay a Premium and boil my own food when that margin difference can get you better ingredients if you cook at home?   Having said that I have somehow been to most famous places in town usually with friends testing them out.  The motivation of posting these website reviews online is kinda low,  good luck catching me posting something on Instagram if at all.   At the end of the day,  sourcing very exclusive ingredients and seafood or meat supplies,  their unique sauces plus  economy of scale and sometimes a low corkage are what convinces me to eat hotpot outside of at home!   Last year we celebrated our birthdays here at the same place and knowing one Owner is a major Foodie himself and stringent about food supplies and recipes  – we were keen to return just before summer.  Their seafood,  meat and dumplings and soup certainly deliver.  Definitely one of the best Hot Pot places in town if you had to nit pick them out of thousands of shops all trying to make a quick buck on you..



Photo 27-4-2015下午7 45 41_editedPhoto 27-4-2015下午7 51 42_edited
Sauces -
I love plenty of everything and grinded peanuts myself. 
The raw egg will be added later on..




Photo 27-4-2015下午7 55 24_edited
Drunken Chicken in Hua Diao wine -
This was good fresh chicken and marinated well.  Not too sure if it does work well in a Hot Pot due to the dilution of taste,  but the idea was sound.  Sorry knowing me I am not easily convinced as the total soaking time vs final boiling time in the hot pot is all about calculated balance.  Got to experiment with it a few times to know…  This batch was not over-powering with the wine but I still prefer a little more wine’s input  ~ 7/10



Photo 27-4-2015下午7 55 40_edited
Fresh Water Grass Carp Fish -
I forgot the price but this was within range of reasonable from memory.  It was a huge portion!  ~ 8/10




Photo 27-4-2015下午7 55 46_editedPhoto 27-4-2015下午7 56 06_edited
Two different Pot Flavours-
The Fresh Coconut water with Chicken is more convincing as a natural concept,  but the Spicier Tomato one with Beef Briskets underneath was also really well-done thoughtful.  In the end,  I will pick the Beef tomato version as somehow I thought it took some time to reduce and impress with it’s impact the end… Got to be patient



Photo 27-4-2015下午7 58 03_edited
Huge American Oysters -
Really Plump and served on the ice.   You know how life works..  It’s either really good or not that great.  This time it was great but I can’t guarantee your next visit coz we dined here with one of the bosses.  But so far so good out of two visits.   8/10



Photo 27-4-2015下午7 59 32_edited
Pork Kurobuta -
These were first frozen then sliced to roll neatly.  I prefer them with more Pork Marbling usually as Kurobuta is similar to Wagyu Beef – the taste lies more in the fat than the meat  ~ 7/10



Photo 27-4-2015下午8 00 06_edited
Fried Beancurd Sheet $36 - 響鈴
Freshly fried and supplied from a near-by region famous shop Shu Gei.   One the top reasons to visit here again due to their location proximity and how these arrive re-fried piping hot here.  Drool ~ 10/10  




Photo 27-4-2015下午8 00 27_edited
Had a Lot more Food but It’s Not my Normal Style to write about them All. 
The Dumplings were really good was all I have to say,  so are the Beef anything.  The Beef Cheese Balls were addictive.  The Fried Fish Skins surprisingly kept their crispiness even after more than 30 seconds of boiling.   Personally not really into boiling Luncheon meat but they came out okay too just as an experiment. 




Photo 27-4-2015下午8 03 09 (1)_edited
Razor Clams with Vermicelli -
After the last Online79 Restaurant of Hing Yau Yue in Causeway Bay,  this time we were vigilant smarter and making sure this was kept to at last 1/4th of the Normal Price tag.   And this was much better in the taste idiots !  Who would dice them up and fit them into a Pork Patty and charge a Head and a Leg?   ~ 8/10



Photo 27-4-2015下午8 05 32_edited
Fried Fish Skins -
This was done well and stayed Crisp as mentioned above.  The side veggie was a Shanghai Green Bamboo usually served as a Cold Platter instead. 



Photo 27-4-2015下午8 06 21_edited
Fresh Chicken Intestines -
It’s not easy to keep them daily but at least we got our dose fresh,  since this is something that decomposes easily.  Very fresh texture and in this sense I do respect a Hotpot Place to keep them in stock since this is not plausible to buy for home use.  Only places like here with such interesting and fresh items with not much a Premium price entices me to be back.   It’s business after all so both Customers and Restaurants need a balance  ~ 9/10

Photo 27-4-2015下午8 07 55_edited
Fresh Prawns -
Still pretty much jumping alive.   ~ 8/10

Photo 27-4-2015下午8 09 14_edited
Another Contrast between Eel and Fresh-Water Fish Photo -
They both look similar when sliced,  the centre with bigger Red Stripes is the eel,  you can tell by the definitive pattern.   The eel was slightly too muddy in taste and the other is too fishy… Wished both performed better  ~ 6/10

Photo 27-4-2015下午8 09 22_edited
Fresh Mountain Yam -
This was really good almost slimey and interesting for me in a Hotpot dinner as it’s unique, or at least I haven’t experienced such thick slices without the skins.  ~ 8.5/10


Photo 27-4-2015下午9 51 21_edited
Some Georgian Wines to go with the Hotpot Dinner -
Dating back almost 3,000 BC.  Overall I thought the Beef quality tonight was slightly missing from my previous Visit to here but still decent.  Prices,  Sauces and Uniqueness of ingredients wise it was still very good.   I know it isn’t totally immaculate tonight and a previous visit was better in a different way – yet I can’t think of a better alternative right now.  So many Hotpot places in HK are so over-rated vs the price.  Here at least it strikes the right balance.





Price:  HKD $300
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 深水埗福華街 191號地下
Ph: 2780 1618

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