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HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, 8th to 12th September - [ Hong Kong ]

 Some of us have taken on the task to help promote the Hong Kong’s 37th HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair,  which starts from 8th to 12th September (note Date is updated).   This is the largest Watch & Clock Trade Fair in the World for this type of Exhibition,  apparently there are 780 exhibitors from 23 countries.   According to the media preview event we attended,  Hong Kong is only 2nd to Switzerland in terms of Designer Watches and Clocks being manufactured or exported globally,  the Market Share for Hong Kong is worth a staggering HKD 80.3 Billion annually.   Interesting fact!  

Note that the General Watch & Clock Exhibitor’s event, will also carry a Higher End Salon de Te area showcasing the best Timeless Watches in the World in a separate booth section Plus other Innovative Pieces.   Both sections are open to the Public on the 12th of September only.    After the 1st Day,  attendees should register beforehand here to make sure they can attend and be accepted in:

HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair – Press Conference Luncheon
The 1st Day of 2 Press Luncheons,  is held at Eric Kayser Boulangarie Cafe,  Harbour City,  Tsim Sha Tsui.  The 2nd Day is held at The Mira Hotel also in TST area.


Beef Carpaccio with Red Onions,  Foie Gras Poele with Red Onion Chutney & Eggy Quiche -
Some food and 3 other Food Courses during the Introductory Speech,  it is always welcome



The Public Preview Event,  before the actual 8th to 12th September Watches & Clock Show -
To be held at the Wanchai Convention & Exhibition Centre on the 8th.  
Remember that only the last day on the 12th is Free for all Public Visitors,
before that,  you should totally pre-register online.   Unless you are already in the Watches or Industrial Design Trade although from these years I think they are slightly open to opportunities.

Hong Kong Watch Designers’ Final Designs were exhibited,
Soon to be Awarded Prizes -
So looking forward to this.  They will also be shown at the latter actual Watches & Clocks Fair show in Wanchai.




HKTDC Organizers giving a Public & Press Introduction about the Extent of the Fair this time,
and they are Especially Proud of the Announcement of the  “Higher End Salon de Te section 國際名表薈萃”   -   Salon de Te section 國際名表薈萃 carries the follow five special watches categories:

- World Brand Piazza
World Brand Piazza features limited-edition and rare masterpieces from 13 prestigious watch brands.

- Renaissance Moment  華麗歐陸
Renaissance Moment features classic and elegant watches that are originated in Europe, especially renowned Swiss brands., etc.


- Chic & Trendy 潮流時尚
Chic & Trendy has the latest fashion for on-trend and stylish watch labels.

- Craft Treasure 巧匠瑰寶
Craft Treasure pays homage to the craftsmanship inherent in functional mechanical watches with fine movements, and jewellery watches.


- Wearable Tech 智能手表
Wearable Tech showcases latest styles in the new line of smart watches.

HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 香港鐘錶展 - 8-12th September.
Interesting there's said to be much more local HK Designers and Manufacturers this year, and also the trendy Tech-Watches on display. 【8-12 Sept, HK Convention & Exhibition Centre】 趙頌茹 the Model/actress is modelling for some of the Watches today for us. 


Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 香港鐘錶展 - 8-12th September
Interesting there's a lot more local HK Designers and Manufacturers, and Tech-Watches this year.  Business Opportunities for us all out there.  This is the Selected Panel of the ‘Freedom & Peach’ Theme and the Winner for each category will be announced again during the Watch Show just like here!



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Some of the Watch Designer Winners from Hong Kong’s Competition this year 2015 -



Address:  Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Dr, Wan Chai
香港會議展覽中心,  8th to 12th September

Ph: +852 2582 8888
Fax:  +852 2802 0000


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