Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Porsche Panamera S - Practical 4 Door Sports Sedan with High Performance

 I arrived in Macau with high anticipation of test driving the 2014-2015 face lifted Porsche 4 Door Sports Sedan  -  the Panamera S model now featuring an updated V6 3 Litre Twin Turbo engine with 420bhp Horsepower or 309KW.   The low torquey twin-turbo configuration allows it instant throttle response at any RPM range and a quick acceleration of 0-100kph of only 5.1 seconds.   The new 7 Gears PDK dual-clutch Automatic Transmission also behaves more like a Manual gearbox as I found out from the way it holds gears especially downhill -  there is also an assistive “Launch Function” which helps to maximize acceleration from still at the Traffic Lights or from the Circuit Grid Box for the enthusiast.



Photo 12-9-2015 下午3 11 19
The Front End Resembles a Classic Porsche 911 -
This time the longer wheelbase Panamera S with 4 seats and 4 doors.   This Porsche is actually currently one of the biggest selling models in China,  Macau and Hong Kong side.   It’s sporty but with the Active Air Suspension and different Sports Modes,  also makes it practical to carry your passengers with comfort.



Photo 12-9-2015 下午3 13 43
The Panamera S Rear View -
The Twin Turbo’s and Exhausts are adequately muffled when driving inside and outside the car,  I found this ultimately comforting plus the acceleration potential is lurking within anytime ready to be unleashed.   Overtaking another car in traffic was instant and swift.

Photo 12-9-2015 下午3 14 42
20” Inch Panamera Sports Wheels Painted in Black on this S model -
The other entry level Panamera riding alongside us,  sported 19” Wheels in comparison.
I should mention the Braking System on the Panamera in general is not as abrupt as those on a typical super car.   It’s tuned initially to brake gradually comfortable,  but rest assure when you need to stop on a more enthusiastic drive,  press the Brakes harder and it will always stop on a dime.


The Interior -
Nowadays in a Sporty 4 Door Sedan,  its both as much about the driver’s cockpit, as well as ergonomics and comfort to every passenger on board.   There’s plenty of leg rooms in the back too.   And Active and Passive Safety features build in which are confidence inspiring. 




Photo 12-9-2015 下午3 10 37
It’s Growing Appeal to the Asian and American Market is Understandable -
Its fast,  it’s German Engineering at its best,  plus it’s still a Porsche !   And now you have a 4 door option which still handles on rails yet remains daily practical.   I was mentioning that if you are a Soccer Mom and didn’t want to go down the SUV path for say reasons of it being too tall or harder to park daily,  then this is the ultimate Soccer Mom or Dad’s family ride!   






Photo 12-9-2015 下午2 47 21
Photo 12-9-2015 下午2 49 15
Photo 12-9-2015 下午2 50 46Photo 12-9-2015 下午2 51 03
There is also this 2014 Face-lifted Basic Model Porsche Panamera 3.6L V6 Naturally Aspirated -
With a 300HP or 224KW engine,  which already does respectable acceleration and handling for daily usage.  The Panamera S model above just has that extra 100+ Horsepower handy and extra low end RPM torque from the turbos.  






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